React Query

React Query

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The official React Query course will get you building apps like a pro.

There’s an easier way to master React Query.
Our linear course is like having a smart, experienced friend sit down next to you, walk you through each concept, and apply what you learn. It’s our secret sauce.

React Query helps you avoid technical debt. We’ll help you master React Query.

  • Delete hundreds of lines of expensive code
  • Never worry about data fetching again
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Table of Contents

01 Why React Query
02 Your First Query
03 (Solution) Your First Query
04 (Project) Starter Template
05 (Project) Setting up React Query
06 (Solution) Index Query
07 (Solution) Querying Individual Records
08 (Project) User Avatars
09 Parallel and Dependent Queries
10 (Solution) Querying Filtered Data
11 (Project) Filtering Data
12 (Project) Filtering Status
13 (Project) Issue Details
14 (Solution) Search Queries
15 (Project) Issues Search
16 Cache States And React Query DevTools
17 (Project) Dev Tools & Fresh Queries
18 Error Handling
19 (Solution) Error Handling
20 (Project) Error Handling
21 Using the Query Client
22 (Project) Query Client Defaults
23 Manual Query Invalidation
24 (Solution) Manual Query Invalidation
25 Query Filters
26 (Solution) Query Filters
27 Query Cancellation
28 (Project) Query Cancellation
29 Fetching States
30 (Solution) Fetching States
31 (Project) Fetching States
32 Prefetching Queries
33 (Solution) Placeholder Data
34 (Solution) Initial Data
35 (Solution) Preloading Data
36 (Project) Preloading Data
37 Mutations
38 (Solution) Mutations
39 (Project) Adding Issues
40 Optimistic Updates
41 (Project) Updating Status
42 (Project) Updating Assignment
43 (Project) Updating Labels
44 Paginated Queries
45 (Solution) Paginated Queries
46 (Project) Pagination
47 Infinite Queries
48 (Solution) Infinite Queries
49 (Project) Infinite Pagination
50 React Query with GraphQL
51 Suspense Mode
52 Render Optimization
53 (Solution) Render Optimizations
54 Server-side Rendering
55 React Query with TypeScript
56 Testing Queries
57 What’s Next