React Anti-Patterns: Build efficient and maintainable React applications with test-driven development and refactoring

React Anti-Patterns: Build efficient and maintainable React applications with test-driven development and refactoring

English | 2024 | ISBN: 978-1805123972 | 324 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 41 MB

Master efficient coding practices, address common anti-patterns, and construct scalable React apps with practical insights and techniques

Key Features

  • Identify and address React anti-patterns while learning testing strategies and refactoring techniques for efficient codebases
  • Explore data modelling, design patterns, and state management in React
  • Enhance code quality, maintainability, and scalability in React applications

Take your React development skills to the next level by examining common anti-patterns with expert insights and practical solutions, to refine your codebases into sophisticated and scalable creations. Through this easy-to-follow guide, React Anti-Patterns serves as a roadmap to elevating the efficiency and maintainability of your React projects.

You’ll begin by familiarizing yourself with the essential aspects of React before exploring strategies for structuring React applications and creating well-organized, modular, and easy-to-maintain codebases. From identifying and addressing common anti-patterns using refactoring techniques to harnessing the power of test-driven development (TDD), you’ll learn about the tools and techniques necessary to create reliable and robust tests. As you advance, you’ll get to grips with business logic and design patterns that offer solutions to prevalent challenges faced in React development. The book also offers insights into using composition patterns, such as code splitting and multiple entry points, to enhance the flexibility and modularity of your React applications, guiding you through end-to-end project implementation.

By the end of this React book, you’ll be able to overcome common challenges and pitfalls to transform your React projects into elegant, efficient, and maintainable codebases.

What you will learn

  • Formulate comprehensive testing strategies and leverage testing framework capabilities
  • Implement TDD practices to drive the development process and elevate code quality, especially in extensive React projects
  • Use design patterns effectively to create scalable and reusable React components
  • Apply established software design principles to craft resilient applications within React
  • Achieve modularity and loose coupling in React codebases by mastering the separation of concerns
  • Ensure clean code by adhering to software design best practices in React development