Rapid Website Design with Bootstrap

Rapid Website Design with Bootstrap

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Learn how to use Bootstrap to apply classes to HTML pages for styling. Make responsive websites from scratch quickly

Bootstrap helps you create webpages faster!

Connect the Bootstrap framework to your web projects, to access amazing classes that can easily be added to HTML pages to create styling. Bootstrap also provides a number of commonly used components that can also be added with classes and attributes into your web pages.

This course is designed to show you how to build your own custom website from scratch using Bootstrap as a framework. Bootstrap has you covered, it lets you take the repetitive styling work out of you web design projects and focus your time on the user experience.

This is a unique web project designed for beginners to learn more about how to make websites with Bootstrap. This course includes a step by step approach, beginning with a blank file and showing you how to build a website.

Table of Contents

Learn to create Bootstrap Websites
1 Introduction to Bootstrap for rapid web development
2 Web Resources
3 Build a default Bootstrap Template
4 Source Code Default Bootstrap 4 template.html
5 How to create a Bootstrap 4 Navbar
6 Complete Navbar in Bootstrap
7 NavBar Source Code.html
8 Containers for content
9 Bootstrap responsive images
10 Build Footer Element

Dynamic Web content with jQuery and Bootstrap
11 Add Google Map API
12 Project Source Code.html
13 Update map Add Carousel
14 Source Code Showcase page.html
15 Create Contact Form
16 Contact Form Source Code.html
17 Course Resources.html