Rapid C++: Start C++ Programming

Rapid C++: Start C++ Programming
Rapid C++: Start C++ Programming

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Learn to program with C++ with quick, easy-to-follow, and practical steps

This course will introduce you to the language and you will start programming with C++. We will start with how to install a working C++ compiler, IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and a debugger. These are essential tools to get yourself started with C++ development.

The course will kick off by getting to know the basics of C++ programming. Within this course, we will demonstrate the basic building blocks of a C++ program. Taking this course will arm you with essential skills in concepts that are used to write larger programs. By the end of this tutorial, you will be confident in your ability to program with C++. This course will show you practical, hands-on experience with advanced language concepts which will be useful when you developing larger applications. You will get familiar with the concept of organizing large applications into smaller yet manageable functions, structures, and classes.

This course will cover basic of relevant topics in C++ which will help audience build up skills in future. Focus will be on the multiple operating systems thereby enabling the audience to develop skills on another operating system as and when required.

What You Will Learn

  • Setup a working environment essential for application development
  • Begin using various elements of the language
  • Explore the anatomy of a simple, yet powerful application built with C++
  • Master debugging techniques to ensure that your application is always running smoothly
  • Familiarize yourself with console mode and in GUI mode for application development
  • Start using various toolkits/libraries for large-scale application development
+ Table of Contents

Installation and Setup
01 The Course Overview
02 Installation on Windows
03 Installation on Linux
04 Installation on Mac

Hello C++
05 Say Hello in C++
06 C++ Keywords
07 Number and Data Storage in Variables
08 Let’s Express with Texts – C++ Strings
09 Exercise

Basic Programming Concepts
09 Exercise
10 Multi-Dimensional Array
11 Conditionals
12 Loops – Controlled Repetition
13 Pointers and References

Functions and Data Structures
09 Exercise
15 Dynamic Memory Allocation
16 Functions – Sub-Divide Tasks
17 Scope – Local Versus Global
18 Data Structures

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