Python vs JavaScript for Python Developers

Python vs JavaScript for Python Developers

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Python isn’t the only language out there, and one of the other languages frequently fighting Python for the top of the “most popular” lists is JavaScript. JavaScript is the de facto language on the web but also has a robust toolset on the server side. This course explores JavaScript from a Python programmer’s perspective.

If you’ve never used JavaScript before or have felt overwhelmed by the quick pace of its evolution in recent years, then this course will set you on the right path. You should already know the basics of Python to benefit fully from the comparisons made between the two languages.

In this course, you will learn:

  • Where JavaScript comes from and where it is used
  • How JavaScript’s type system is different from Python’s
  • How to write functions in JavaScript
  • The two ways of creating objects in JavaScript
  • General language syntax in JavaScript
  • Surprises and behaviors in JavaScript that Python programmers wouldn’t expect
Table of Contents

1. Python vs JavaScript for Python Developers
2. A Brief History of JavaScript
3. Your Web Browser and JavaScript
4. JavaScript’s Type System
5. Functions in JavaScript
6. Objects and Classes in JavaScript
7. Introduction to JavaScript Syntax
8. More Explorations in JavaScript Syntax
9. Some JavaScript Quirks
10. More JavaScript Quirks
11. Even More JavaScript Quirks
12. JavaScript’s “this” vs Python’s “self”
13. Python vs JavaScript for Python Developers