Python Theory for Network Engineers

Python Theory for Network Engineers

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Network engineering is going through a fundamental change toward automation and a focus on DevOps. In this course, instructor Eric Chou uses Python to introduce programmability for network engineers looking to get into this field. Eric gives you practical, hands-on examples that introduce Python theories and concepts. He introduces some basics, then dives into the types and uses of Python objects. Eric shows you how to use conditionals and loops, as well as functions. Plus, he covers Python classes, modules, and packages. Get started with your Python learning journey!

Table of Contents

1 Python theory for network engineers

Python Basics
2 History and use cases
3 Python installation and script execution
4 Network lab CML 2.1
5 Zen of Python

Python Objects
6 Python data types
7 Strings and string methods
8 Python numbers and math
9 Python collections Tuples, lists, and dictionaries
10 Python superpower Imports
11 Challenge Getting information from network gears
12 Solution Getting Information from network gears

Conditionals and Loops
13 Conditional logic Ifthen and compare values
14 Lab Demonstrating ifthen and value comparison
15 Conditional logic For and while loops
16 Lab Demonstrate for and while loops
17 Challenge Making your script do repeatable tasks
18 Solution Making your script do repeatable tasks

Python Functions
19 File inputs and outputs
20 Lab Working with files, file paths, and file operations
21 Python functions
22 Lab Writing Python functions
23 Challenge Functionalize network tasks
24 Solution Functionalize network tasks

Python Classes
25 Python classes
26 Lab Python classes for network device
27 Python modules
28 Lab Python modules for grouping
29 Python packages
30 Lab Python packages
31 Data center as code

32 Next steps in your Python journey