Python Quick Start

Python Quick Start

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Get a fast-paced introduction to Python. In this course, you can learn what Python is and why it’s become such a powerful and in-demand programming language. Python expert and trainer Lavanya Vijayan shares the fundamentals of programming in Python with data types, variables, functions, sequences, conditional statements, iteration, and recursion. The course concludes with a short introduction to object-oriented programming in Python. Learning a new programming language shouldn’t be hard; with this course, you can learn the basics you need to become proficient in Python, and decide if it’s the right language for your projects.

Topics include:

  • What is Python?
  • Strengths and benefits of Python
  • Types of data
  • Storing data using variables
  • Built-in and custom functions
  • Lists and tuples
  • Conditional statements
  • Iteration with loops
  • Recursive functions
  • Object-oriented programming
Table of Contents

1 Advance your career with Python
2 What is Python
3 Why Python
4 The power of Python
5 Python vs. Java
6 Set up Python environment
7 Types of data
8 Store data using variables
9 What is a function
10 Built-in functions in Python
11 Define and call your own functions
12 Types of functions
13 Modules in Python
14 What is a sequence
15 Lists in Python
16 Tuples in Python
17 What are conditional statements
18 If statement
19 If-else statement
20 If-elif and if-elif-else statements
21 What is iteration
22 For loop
23 While loop
24 What is a recursive function
25 Define recursive functions
26 What is object-oriented programming
27 Next steps