Python Programming: A Practical Approach

Python Programming: A Practical Approach

English | 2021 | ISBN: 978-1032028491 | 344 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 144 MB

Maintaining a practical perspective, Python Programming: A Practical Approach acquaints you with the wonderful world of programming. The book is a starting point for those who want to learn Python programming. The backbone of any programming, which is the data structure and components such as strings, lists, etc., have been illustrated with many examples and enough practice problems to instill a level of self-confidence in the reader.

Drawing on knowledge gained directly from teaching Computer Science as a subject and working on a wide range of projects related to ML, AI, deep learning, and blockchain, the authors have tried their best to present the necessary skills for a Python programmer. Once the foundation of Python programming is built and the readers are aware of the exact structure, dimensions, processing, building blocks, and representation of data, they can readily take up their specific problems from the area of interest and solve them with the help of Python. These include, but are not limited to, operators, control flow, strings, functions, module processing, object-oriented programming, exception and file handling, multithreading, synchronization, regular expressions, and Python database programming.

This book on Python programming is specially designed to keep readers busy with learning fundamentals and generates a sense of confidence by attempting the assignment problems. We firmly believe that explaining any particular technology deviates from learning the fundamentals of a programming language. This book is focused on helping readers attempt implementation in their areas of interest through the skills imparted through this book. We have attempted to present the real essence of Python programming, which you can confidently apply in real life by using Python as a tool.

Salient Features

  • Based on real-world requirements and solution.
  • Simple presentation without avoiding necessary details of the topic.
  • Executable programs on almost every topic.
  • Plenty of exercise questions, designed to test readers’ skills and understanding.

Purposefully designed to be instantly applicable, Python Programming: A Practical Approach provides implementation examples so that the described subject matter can be immediately implemented due to the well-known versatility of Python in handling different data types with ease.