Python Tutorial: Python Network Programming – Build 7 Apps

Python Tutorial: Python Network Programming – Build 7 Apps

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Learn Python From Scratch! Go from zero programming to building great network apps with Python! Full Python Apps Inside!

This is a great course for network engineers who would like to start automating their tasks. Geared towards beginners, this course teaches the fundamentals of programming and applying those concepts to networking. There is a lot of fluff about python on the internet, however the instructor managed to put together the necessary information to start automating the network. A working knowledge of TCP/IP is needed to get the most out of this course. Should you understand every lecture, you will be ready to start writing your own scripts according to your needs. In particular, I loved the use of scapy, an amazing tool which should be in the arsenal of anyone working with TCP/IP.

What are the requirements?

  • You should have a great desire to learn programming and do it in a hands-on fashion, without having to watch countless lectures filled with slides and theory.
  • You should already be familiar with networking concepts like: Routing, SSH, Telnet, SNMP.
  • I will provide a fully configured virtual machine with all the necessary software (Python modules, MySQL, IDE). This way you can save time and start writing code as soon as possible.
  • I am going to use only free software throughout the course: Python 2.7, Linux, GNS3.
  • You need to find yourself a Cisco IOS image to load into GNS3 or practice all the concepts on a real network you have at your job/home.
  • All you need is a decent PC/Laptop (2GHz CPU, 4GB RAM). You will get the rest from me.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Master all the Python key concepts starting from scratch.
  • Use Python for connecting via Telnet to any network device.
  • Use Python for connecting via SSH to any network device.
  • Use Python for querying SNMP objects on any network device.
  • Use Python for querying, populating and updating a MySQL database.
  • Use Python for capturing, decoding and analyzing network packets.
  • Use Python for building customized network packets and send them to a network device.
  • Apply Python skills to build various tools for network interaction.
  • Create Python apps to automate daily networking tasks like configuring devices, collecting information about the network, network discovery or testing by client simulations.
  • Get the full code of 7 great Python network applications and customize them according to your needs.
  • Regular course updates: new lectures, applications and documents.
  • Ask for a raise or apply for a better job using the skills gained from this course.

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to make the right choice when starting to learn programming
  • Network Administrators, Network (Systems) Engineers, Network (Service) Technicians, Network Analysts, Network Managers
  • Junior Programmers, Test Engineers, Test Automation Engineers, QA Engineers and Analysts
  • Python Developers who want to apply their knowledge in the networking field
  • Any kind of IT geeks who wish to learn both Python programming and network automation.