Python Interview Espresso

Python Interview Espresso
Python Interview Espresso

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eLearning | Skill level: All Levels

Master the principles of must-know Python algorithms

30+ fully animated videos for maximum engagement and understanding. All code examples and Python, no translating or learning another language required.

Complex topics simplified. Including Big O, Recursion, Data Structures and more. Focused on essential patterns. That you can use and re-use in a range of problems.

A repeatable problem solving process. That you can reliably use on any algorithm. Tips on what interviewers want. From my experience being an interviewer.

+ Table of Contents

About the course & WHY it was created
About the instructor
How to use this course
A final request
Time & Space Complexity
1. First Unique Character
2. Group Anagrams
3. Valid Palindrome
4. Valid Parentheses
5 — Search Insert Position
6. Rotate Image
7. Two Sum
8. Three Sum
OVERVIEW: Linked Lists
9. Delete Nth Node from End
OVERVIEW: Recursion
10. Reverse Linked List
11. Detect Linked List Cycle
OVERVIEW: Binary Trees
12. Level Order Traversal
13. Max Depth of Binary Tree
14. Validate Binary Search Tree
15. Balanced Binary Tree
16. Merge Sort
17. Buy and Sell Stock
18. Coin Change
19. Longest Common Subsequence
20. Subsets
Conclusion & What’s next