Python Essential Training

Python Essential Training

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Python is one of the most commonly used dynamic languages for many large organizations, including Google, Yahoo and IBM. Supported on all major operating systems, it comes pre-installed on Macs, as well as most Linux and Unix-based systems. In this course, senior software engineer Ryan Mitchell guides you through all the essentials of learning and using Python. Learn how computers think, as well as how to install Python, pip, and Jupyter Notebook and the basics of writing a program. Explore variables and types, operators, functions, classes, objects, and more. Go over basic data types like ints and floats, Booleans, and strings. Deep dive into basic data structures, control flow, functions, classes, and objects. Find out how to handle errors and exceptions, as well as threads and processes. Plus, discover how to work with different types of files in Python, pass command-line arguments to your Python script, and create modules and packages.

Table of Contents

1 Getting started with Python
2 Who this course is for
3 Resources for this course

Gearing Up for Python
4 How computers think
5 Installing Python, pip, and Jupyter Notebook
6 The Zen of Python
7 Writing a program
8 Jupyter notebooks

9 Variables and types
10 Data structures
11 Operators
12 Control flow
13 Functions
14 Classes and objects
15 Challenge Factorials
16 Solution Factorials

Basic Data Types
17 Ints and floats
18 Other types of numbers
19 Booleans
20 Strings
21 Bytes
22 Challenge Converting hex to decimal
23 Solution Converting hex to decimal

Basic Data Structures
24 Lists
25 Tuples and sets
26 Dictionaries
27 List comprehensions
28 Dictionary comprehensions
29 Challenge – Encoding ASCII Art
30 Solution – Encoding ASCII Art

Control Flow
31 If and else
32 While
33 For
34 Challenge – Finding Primes Faster
35 Solution – Finding Primes Faster

36 The anatomy of a function
37 Variables and scope
38 Functions as variables
39 Challenge Calculator
40 Solution Calculator

Classes and Objects
41 The anatomy of a class
42 Static and instance methods
43 Inheritance
44 Challenge Extending the messenger
45 Solution Extending the messenger

46 Errors and exceptions
47 Handling exceptions
48 Custom exceptions
49 Challenge Message Exceptions
50 Solution Message Exceptions

Threads and Processes
51 Intro to threads and processes
52 Multithreading
53 Multiprocessing

Working with Files
54 Opening, reading, and writing
55 CSV
57 Challenge ASCII Art Compression
58 Solultion ASCII Art Compression

Packaging Python
59 Command-line arguments
60 Creating modules and packages

61 Wrap up
62 Python challenge project