Python Challenge Project

Python Challenge Project

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Are you new to Python and looking for a bootcamp-style introduction? Or looking for extra practice coding in Python with project-based lessons? In this course, instructor Ryan Mitchell highlights what you need to know about the Python standard library, using a single project that you’ll build throughout the course. Each chapter focuses on a single Python topic—basic data types, control flow, functions, errors, and more—and provides a challenge and corresponding solution for each topic. If you’re somewhat new to Python, this course is designed to go hand-in-hand with the Python Essential Training course, so you can jump between both courses, or work in this course alone.

Table of Contents

1 Stepping up to the challenge
2 Who this course is for
3 Laying out the code

4 Challenge It’s hip to be square
5 Solution It’s hip to be square

Basic Data Types
6 Challenge Sense of direction
7 Solution Sense of direction

Basic Data Structures
8 Challenge Structuring scribes
9 Solution Structuring scribes

Control Flow
10 Challenge Hitting a wall
11 Solution Hitting a wall

12 Challenge Plotting the course
13 Solution Plotting the course

Classes and Objects
14 Challenge Extending the scribe
15 Solution Extending the scribe

16 Challenge The trouble with scribbles
17 Solution The trouble with scribbles

Threads and Processes
18 Challenge When I move, you move
19 Solution When I move, you move

Working with Files
20 Challenge Single file
21 Solution Single file

Packaging Python
22 Challenge Handling arguments
23 Solution Handling arguments

24 Continue your Python journey