Python 3 Regex Playbook

Python 3 Regex Playbook

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Do you want to automate boring manual text processing tasks? For example, searching a log for errors, validating input, transforming data, and more. This course will teach you how to use Python regex for all sorts of text processing tasks.

Do you want to work more efficiently and automate all sorts of manual text processing tasks? In this course, Python 3 Regex Playbook, you’ll learn to apply Python regex for automating all sorts of text data processing. First, you’ll explore how to implement it for more basic usage, such as finding words in a string and validating user input. Next, you’ll discover how to use regex to validate user input. Finally, you’ll learn how to clean up data with regex and Python. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge of Python regex usage needed to tackle a wide range of text processing tasks.

Table of Contents

Course Overview
1 Course Overview

Working with Regular Expressions in Python
2 Module Intro
3 Regex Intro
4 Special Characters
5 Repetition
6 Python Functions
7 Match Object
8 Flags

Searching and Matching Patterns in Files
9 Module Intro
10 Match Word
11 File Names
12 Specific Patterns in Files
13 Search Product Code

Validating User Input and Data
14 Module Intro
15 Validating User Input
16 Checking Numeric Data
17 Validating Email Addresses
18 Sanitize Input as a Measure Against Code Injection

Parsing Log Files
19 Module Intro
20 Automate Log Handling
21 Find Different Logging Levels
22 Search for Specific Error Code
23 Process Logs Live
24 Processing a Text Log File

Replacing, Transforming, and Cleaning Data
25 Module Intro
26 Clean up User Input
27 Replacing Spelling Errors
28 Apply Proper Formatting
29 Standardize Text Case and Remove Punctuation
30 Clean Data in a CSV File
31 Handling Unicode and Special Characters
32 Hide Sensitive Data