Promises in JavaScript

Promises in JavaScript
Promises in JavaScript

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JavaScript code is single-threaded, but asynchronous calls enable apps to remain responsive to user input without blocking the UI thread. Promises simplify asynchronous programming and make JavaScript a more robust language. Learn all about promises in JavaScript and use that knowledge to write better and more maintainable apps.

+ Table of Contents

00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:06 Promises
00:08:47 Creating Promises
00:17:19 Resolving and Rejecting a Promise (Demo)
00:27:18 Sequential Asynchronous Operations
00:29:50 Chaining Promises (Demo)
00:36:10 Handling Asynchronous Errors with Promises
00:39:42 Building an Asynchronous Try/Catch/Finally (Demo)
00:50:19 Concurrent Asynchronous Operations
00:54:46 Grouping Promises
01:03:08 Promise Racing
01:05:06 Using a Race to Handle Timeouts (Demo)
01:07:26 Conclusion

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