The Project Manager’s Guide to Mastering Agile: Principles and Practices for an Adaptive Approach 2nd Edition

The Project Manager’s Guide to Mastering Agile: Principles and Practices for an Adaptive Approach 2nd Edition

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-1119931355 | 608 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 25 MB

Updated guide to Agile methodologies, with real-world case studies and valuable frameworks for project managers moving to Agile

The Project Manager’s Guide to Mastering Agile helps project managers who are faced with the challenge of adapting their project management approach to an Agile environment, showing how these approaches can work jointly to improve project outcomes in any project, with discussion topics and real-world case studies that facilitate hands-on learning. It also provides project managers with the fundamental knowledge to take a leadership role in working with companies to develop a well-integrated, enterprise-level Agile Project Management approach to fit their business.

The original edition of this book has been very successful and is used as a graduate-level textbook in several universities. This new edition builds on the success of the original edition and includes updated content from the latest PMBOK Guide, updated sections on stakeholder management, value-driven delivery, adaptive planning, and distributed project management, with an all-new chapter on Hybrid project management. It also includes new case studies on applying an Agile Hardware Development at Tesla and Project Management in a non-software environment.

Sample topics covered in The Project Manager’s Guide to Mastering Agile include:

  • Bridging the chasm in project management philosophies, impact on the project management profession, evolution of Agile and Waterfall, and learning to see Agile and traditional plan-driven project management as complementary to each other rather than competitive
  • The roots of Agile and understanding Agile at a deeper level including the Agile manifesto from 2001, adapting an Agile approach to fit a business, and Scrum overview, roles, framework, principles, and values
  • Time-boxing, Kanban, and theory of constraints, Agile estimation overview and estimation practices, and velocity and burn-down/burn-up charts
  • Scaling Agile to an enterprise level, including challenges, obstacles to overcome, implementation considerations, management practices, and enterprise-level Agile transformations

With comprehensive, accessible, and highly practical coverage of Agile, a leading project management platform, The Project Manager’s Guide to Mastering Agile is a highly valuable resource for professional project managers, students studying project management, and those studying for PMI’s Agile Certified Practitioner Certification (PMI-ACP).