Project Management Best Practices: Achieving Global Excellence, 5th Edition

Project Management Best Practices: Achieving Global Excellence, 5th Edition

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-1394179206 | 704 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 51 MB

Best practices from 50+ world-class organizations to improve project management, add business value, and increase benefit realization

Featuring senior executives and project managers from more than 50 world-class companies

offering their best practices for successful project management implementation, the newly revised Fifth Edition of Project Management Best Practices contains updates throughout to reflect the latest project management best practices that add value and efficiency to every level of an organization. The text offers guidance on a wide range of project management best practices, with new coverage of the impact of COVID-19, the growth of nontraditional projects, cultural and emotional intelligence, and much more.

Project Management Best Practices features insights and best practices from world class organizations like Siemens, Deloitte, GEA, Heineken, Sony, Dubai Customs, Philips Medical, IBM, Boeing, , Comau, and Hitachi. Case studies from many of these organizations are included in each chapter to practically illustrate various concepts. This Fifth Edition includes updated information from companies covered in the earlier books along with contributions from new companies.

Project Management Best Practices includes information on:

  • Project management best practices throughout modern history and how the best of intentions can quickly become migraines
  • Responding to changing customer requirements, what to do when the wrong culture is in place, and handling the internal politics of any project
  • Strategic planning for project management, roadblocks to excellence, and seven fallacies that delay project management maturity
  • Recognizing the need for project management methodology development and where/how artificial intelligence (AI) slots into the project management field

Following the same successful format as its predecessor in terms of content, the Fifth Edition of Project Management Best Practices is an essential resource for senior level and middle level corporate managers, project and team managers, engineers, project team members, business consultants, and students in related programs of study.