Programming Concurrency in C++

Programming Concurrency in C++
Programming Concurrency in C++

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The key to leveraging multiple cores and multiple processors in your programs is writing concurrent code, otherwise known as multithreaded code. The threading library introduced in C++ 11 makes it possible to write concurrent code that is portable. Learn how to write multithreaded code in C++, how to synchronize the actions of your threads, and how to perform asynchronous operations using futures and promises.

+ Table of Contents

00:00:00 Introduction
00:02:24 Concurrency
00:04:40 Synchronization
00:06:40 C++11 Threading Library
00:21:20 Passing Arguments (Demo)
00:18:14 Passing Arguments
00:13:31 Creating and Using Threads (Demo)
00:24:50 Synchronization Using Mutexes
00:28:46 Condition Variables
00:32:19 Synchronization (Demo)
00:35:54 Atomic Variables
00:40:17 Using Atomics (Demo)
00:43:02 Asynchronous Programming
00:49:32 Asynchronous Programming (Demo)
00:51:55 Conclusion

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