Professional Swift (Video)

Professional Swift (Video)
Professional Swift (Video)

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eLearning | Skill level: All Levels

Develop practical, cutting-edge applications using the full power of Swift

We begin the course by learning about value types (structs and enums), and when they are preferable over classes. We also learn about the copy-on-write technique and how to implement it ourselves. Then we learn how to load JSON from web APIs into our custom types, and how to export that content out again. Finally, we learn how to create frameworks, and import other frameworks using CocoaPods or Carthage.

We move on to learn advanced uses of Swift protocols and how protocol-oriented development improves efficiency and leads to more maintainable and reusable code. Then we learn about generics, and how they enable us to support multiple types without duplication. Later in the course, we discover different ways to structure a complete iOS app from scratch. We begin the discussion with the well-known MVC pattern and cover every other trending architecture in the iOS world.

What You Will Learn

  • Load content from web APIs into structs
  • Explore methods to store structs to files
  • Implement the copy-on-write technique
  • Study protocols and protocol-oriented programming in depth
  • Write code with less duplication using generics
  • Compare different architectural patterns for iOS apps
  • Create an IoS app using Redux
+ Table of Contents

01 Course Overview
02 Lesson Introduction
03 Reference versus Value Types
04 Structs
05 Protocols
06 Copy on Write
07 Enums
08 Associated Values
09 Summary
10 Lesson Introduction
11 JSON Decoding automatically
12 JSON Decoding manually
13 JSON Encoding automatically
14 JSON Encoding manually
15 Summary
16 Lesson Introduction
17 Creating a Framework
18 CocoaPods
19 Carthage
20 Summary
21 Lesson Introduction
22 Protocol Syntax Basics
23 Adopting and Using Protocols
24 Using Protocols as Types
25 Mutating Method Requirements
26 Summary
27 Lesson Introduction
28 Comparing Object Oriented and Protocol Oriented Programming
29 Implementing Employee as a Simple Swift Structure
30 Refactoring Employee with an Object Oriented Approach
31 Refactoring Employee with a Protocol Oriented Approach
32 Summary
33 Lesson Introduction
34 Basics of Generics
35 Creating Generic Types
36 Generic Extensions
37 Associated Types
38 Summary
39 Lesson Introduction
40 The Need for Architectural Patterns
41 The Original MVC Report
42 Code base inspection
43 Apple’s MVC
44 Summary
45 Lesson Introduction
46 Apple’s MVC in Practice
47 Model-View-View-Model
48 Viper
49 Summary
50 Lesson Introduction
51 Identifying Side Effects of Functions
52 Unidirectional Data Flow
53 Redux in iOS
54 Summary