Professional Modern JavaScript – NEW for 2023

Professional Modern JavaScript – NEW for 2023

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Learn all about Modern JavaScript – taught by a Microsoft MVP

I’ve been teaching junior as well as expert developers JavaScript for over 15 years and have gathered a few tricks to make it an easy and smooth learning experience. I share those experiences with you.

You can feel confident about what JavaScript offers

You become a competent JavaScript developer

A lot of effort has gone into this course to make sure you get all the knowledge you need as quickly as possible.

Why JavaScript

JavaScript is quickly becoming the most popular programming language in use today. The rise of the internet means that it is an ideal programming language that you can use to solve any coding challenge on any device.

JavaScript has undergone significant evolution since it was created over 3 decades ago. This course is designed to teach you modern JavaScript without having to go through the suffering of following the language and going from a toy to something amazing.

What you’ll learn

  • Confidently use JavaScript in your day to day job
  • Learn the Basics of JavaScript
  • Master advanced JavaScript concepts
  • Learn Asynchronous JavaScript with Promises and async/await
  • Learn new features of modern JavaScript
  • Stay up to date with best JavaScript practices
  • Learn about JavaScript modules
Table of Contents

Professional Modern JavaScript
1 Course Introduction
2 Setting up for JavaScript Development
3 Debugging JavaScript Debugger Statement
4 JavaScript Primitive Data Types
5 let and const declaring JavaScript variables
6 JavaScript Comments things you may not know
7 JavaScript Identifier Naming Restrictions and Conventions
8 Improve your JavaScript Learning Experience With TypeScript
9 JavaScript Strings Master Class
10 JavaScript Booleans Deep Dive
11 JavaScript Numbers Simplifying Numerics
12 JavaScript Objects Simplified
13 JavaScript functions Master Class
14 JavaScript Arrays Complete Mastery
15 JavaScript Conditionals if else Master Class
16 Ternary Simplified JavaScript Conditional Operator
17 ‘==’ vs ‘===’ and ‘!=’ vs. ‘!==’ JavaScript strict vs loose equality
18 JavaScript Truthy and Falsy
19 JavaScript Nullish, Null and Undefined
20 Class Object Oriented JavaScript
21 JavaScript Error Handling Exception Matery
22 JavaScript nullish operators coalescing and chaining .[] ()
23 Switch Statements MasterClass
24 Mastering Modern JavaScript for loops
25 JSON The Missing Guide
26 while do while loops in JavaScript Simplified
27 JavaScript Date and Time MasterClass
28 this Demystified Professional JavaScript
29 Tagged Templates Simplifed
30 JavaScript Promises The Secret Sauce to Async
31 Async Await Advanced JavaScript Simplified
32 JavaScript Symbol MasterClass The Missing Guide
33 Iterator, Iterable and Iterable Iterator Professional JavaScript MasterClass
34 generators, function , yield, yield Professional Tips and Tricks
35 prototype and __proto__ The Modern JavaScript Perspective
36 Set class Built In Advanced Data Structures
37 Map class – JavaScript Dictionary HashMap Built In Advanced Data Structures
38 Sequencing Async Tasks Advanced Async Patterns
39 JavaScript Garbage Collection Practical Demonstration
40 JavaScript WeakMap Advanced JavaScript Memory Management
41 BigInt The Missing Guide
42 JavaScript WeakSet Advanced Data Structure Simplified
43 RegExp – regex JavaScript Regular Expressions Ultimate MasterClass
44 WeakRef – JavaSript strong vs Weak References Advanced Tips and Tricks
45 JavaScript Memory Leaks The Biggest Sources and Fixes
46 Semicolons vs No Semicolons Professional Advice
47 JavaScript ES Modules Demystified Modern EcmaScript MasterClass