Problem Solving and Program Design in C, Global Edition

Problem Solving and Program Design in C, Global EditionReviews
Author: Jeri R. Hanly Et Al
Pub Date: 2015
ISBN: 978-1292098814
Pages: 848
Language: English
Format: PDF
Size: 25 Mb


Learning to Program with ANSI-C
Problem Solving and Program Design in C teaches introductory students to program with ANSI-C, a standardized, industrial-strength programming language known for its power and probability. The text uses widely accepted software engineering methods to teach students to design cohesive, adaptable, and reusable program solution modules with ANSI-C. Through case studies and real world examples, students are able to envision a professional career in programming.
Widely perceived as an extremely difficult language due to its association with complex machinery, the Eighth Edition approaches C as conducive to introductory courses in program development. C language topics are organized based on the needs of beginner programmers rather than structure, making for an even easier introduction to the subject. Covering various aspects of software engineering, including a heavy focus on pointer concepts, the text engages students to use their problem solving skills throughout.


Table of Contents

0: Computer Science as a Career Path
1: Overview of Computers and Programming
2: Overview of C
3: Top-Down Design with Functions
4: Selection Structures: if and switch Statements
5: Repetition and Loop Statements
6: Pointers and Modular Programming
7: Array Pointers
8: Strings
9: Recursion
10: Structure and Union Types
11: Text and Binary File Pointers
12: Programming in the Large
13: Pointers and Dynamic Data Structures

A: More About Pointers
B: ANSI C Standard Libraries
C: C Operators
D: Character Sets
E: ANSI C Reserved Words