PRINCE2® Agile Foundation

PRINCE2® Agile Foundation
PRINCE2® Agile Foundation

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Anyone who delivers projects in an agile environment can benefit from earning the PRINCE2® Agile Foundation certificate, the entry-level certification in the PRINCE2® methodology. PRINCE2® offers key principles, themes, and processes that can help project managers of all stripes manage their projects more effectively. In this course, instructor Jason Dion digs into the most essential PRINCE2® concepts as he prepares you to take and pass the PRINCE2® Agile Foundation certification exam. Learn about using scrum, kanban, and Lean Startup, as well as how to blend agile concepts with the PRINCE2® framework. Plus, explore how the seven principles, themes, and processes used in a PRINCE2® project management environment can be tailored in an agile environment.

Topics include:

  • The principles, themes, and processes covered in PRINCE2®
  • What’s agile?
  • The basics of the scrum, kanban, and Lean Startup processes
  • Blending PRINCE2® and agile
  • Principles, themes, and agile
  • Managing the seven processes
+ Table of Contents

About This Course and the Exam
1 Welcome to the course
2 About the exam

Overview of PRINCE2®
3 Project management
4 Seven principles
5 Seven themes
6 Seven processes
7 Management products

Introduction to Agile
8 What is agile
9 Agile frameworks
10 Scrum
11 Using scrum
12 Kanban
13 Lean startup

Blending PRINCE2® and Agile
14 PRINCE2® and agile
15 Eight guidance points
16 Performance variables
17 Five targets
18 Focus areas, part 1
19 Focus areas, part 2
20 Focus areas, part 3

Principles, Themes, and Agile
21 Seven principles and agile
22 Seven themes and agile
23 Business case
24 Organization
25 Quality
26 Plans
27 Risk
28 Change
29 Progress

Seven Processes and Agile
30 Seven processes and agile
31 Starting up a project and initiating a project
32 Directing a project
33 Controlling a stage
34 Managing product delivery
35 Managing a stage boundary
36 Closing a project

37 What to do next