Practical Blockchain and Cryptocurrency LiveLessons

Practical Blockchain and Cryptocurrency LiveLessons

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Practical Blockchain and Cryptocurrency LiveLessons is your complete guide to learning and incorporating practical crypto and blockchain knowledge and skills for your company’s systems. Unlike some other courses, Practical Blockchain and Cryptocurrency LiveLessons focuses on real-world applications, so you can learn with hands-on demos. In this course you will learn how to:

  • Buy, trade, mine your own, and use cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, Ripple, and DOGE
  • Create your own blockchains for internal enterprise IT applications
  • Create and execute your own smart contracts
  • Learn how to perform cybersecurity audits on blockchains

This course was built for anyone who wants to understand how popular cryptocurrencies work including Bitcoins and ETH, as well as professionals needing to implement their own blockchain applications or mine cryptocurrencies, and cybersecurity professionals who need to test and audit Blockchain applications. The course concludes with topics of modern cyber attacks in cryptocurrency and blockchain space. You will have the tools needed to test your own blockchain applications and understand how to protect them against future attacks.

Expert author and trainer Aamir Lakhani will give you hands-on practical experience to become a blockchain and cryptocurrency engineer and architect.

Topics include

  • Module 1: Introduction to Cryptocurrencies
  • Module 2: The Blockchain
  • Module 3: Mining
  • Module 4: Blockchain Applications
  • Module 5: Cyber Attacks
  • Module 6 Evolution of Cryptocurrency and Blockchains

Learn How To

  • Understand the basics of blockchain technology
  • Work blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • Create and store cryptocurrencies
  • Create NFTs
  • Write and enforce smart contracts on blockchains
Table of Contents

1 Practical Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Introduction

Lesson 1 Concept of Web Money
2 Learning objectives
3 A brief history of money
4 Internet payment services
5 Problems with credit cards and currency exchange

Lesson 2 Introduction to Bitcoins
6 Learning objectives
7 Bitcoins and its origins
8 Value of Bitcoins
9 Bitcoins, supply, and inflation
10 Earning Bitcoins

Lesson 3 Working with Cryptocurrencies
11 Learning objectives
12 Buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency
13 Cryptocurrency investments
14 Global tax and currency use laws and concerns supply and inflation
15 Cryptocurrency in cyberattacks and cybercrime

Lesson 4 Bitcoin Blockchain
16 Learning objectives
17 Blockchain and its origins
18 Understanding blockchain hashes and identification
19 Understanding blockchain proof of work (PoW)
20 Blockchain nodes
21 Private blockchains
22 Sustainability and environmental impact of proof of work
23 Proof of stake (PoS)

Lesson 5 ETH and the Ethereum Blockchain
24 Learning objectives
25 Introduction to Ethereum
26 The ETH cryptocurrency
27 ETH Gas and other transaction costs
28 Major differences between ETH and other crypto

Lesson 6 Alternative Blockchains
29 Learning objectives
30 Monero blockchain
31 IBM blockchain
32 R3 Corda
33 Ripple

Lesson 7 Mining Bitcoins
34 Learning objectives
35 Basics of Bitcoin mining
36 Mining strategies and common mining mistakes
37 Mining pools
38 Envrionmental impact of Bitcoin mining

Lesson 8 Mining ETH
39 Learning objectives
40 Differences between mining ETH and Bitcoins
41 Understanding ETH and Ethereum blockchain
42 Environmental impact of ETH mining

Lesson 9 Mining AltCoins
43 Learning objectives
44 What to mine and why to mine AltCoins
45 Mining DOGE Coin and does it make sense
46 Mining Litecoins and Monero
47 General sustainability issues with mining

Lesson 10 Understanding Smart Contracts
48 Learning objectives
49 Understanding and creating your own smart contracts
50 Blockchain demo

Lesson 11 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
51 Learning objectives
52 Understanding NFTs and the problems they solve
53 A deep dive into NFTs
54 How to create your NFT
55 Buying and keeping NFTs
56 How NFTs are used today

Lesson 12 Other Blockchain Use Cases
57 Learning objectives
58 Introduction to blockchain smart storage applications
59 Blockchain payroll applications
60 Blockchain in the retail space
61 Using blockchain for loss prevention
62 Blockchain in the supply chain industry
63 Healthcare applications and blockchains
64 Electronic voting and voter confidence with blockchain
65 Protecting privacy with blockchains

Lesson 13 Cryptocurrency Attacks
66 Learning objectives
67 Attacks against Bitcoins
68 Mt. Gox Bitcoin attack
69 Ronin network attack
70 Bitcoin and other crypto wallet attacks
71 Common social engineering attacks against individuals

Lesson 14 Blockchain Attacks
72 Learning objectives
73 Pen testing blockchains
74 Blockchain Pen Testing Road Map
75 Module 6 Evolution of Cryptocurrency and Blockchains

Lesson 15 The Future of Blockchain
76 Learning objectives
77 The future of cryptocurrency
78 Experts and government opinion on the future of cryptocurrency
79 The evolution of blockchain
80 Possible future applications and developments of blockchain

Module 1 Introduction to Cryptocurrencies
81 Module introduction

Module 2 The Blockchain
82 Module introduction

Module 3 Mining
83 Module introduction

Module 4 Blockchain Applications
84 Module introduction

Module 5 Cyber Attacks
85 Module introduction

86 Practical Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summary