The PowerShell Practice Primer: 100+ Exercises for Improving Your PowerShell Skills

The PowerShell Practice Primer: 100+ Exercises for Improving Your PowerShell Skills

English | 2021 | 133 Pages | PDF, EPUB, MOBI | 13 MB

Enhance your PowerShell Learning In a Whole New Way
Long-time Microsoft MVP and veteran PowerShell teacher Jeff Hicks has created a PowerShell book, unlike anything you’ve read before. Those other books are great, and the assumption for this book is that you have read something like Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches or have equivalent experience. You understand some PowerShell basics but need to improve your fluency. Learning PowerShell is no different than learning any foreign language. You need to practice it and use it constantly. That’s where The PowerShell Practice Primer comes into the picture.

This book consists of 100-plus PowerShell-centric problems or exercises. The solutions should be no more than a few lines of PowerShell commands that you would **run in an interactive console session**. This is **not** a scripting book. The PowerShell Practice Primer is designed to improve your proficiency with the PowerShell paradigm, language, and syntax. The exercises don’t require any custom lab setup. You should be able to answer everything with a Windows 10 desktop. Problems in Part 5 assume you have installed the latest stable release of PowerShell 7.x.

Is This All Fun and Games?
The exercises in this book are (mostly) based on real-world and practical applications. The hope is that you’ll have fun figuring out a solution and that the *real* learning happens during that process. *How* you devise a solution is more important to the learning process than the solution itself. The problems start at a beginner-level and increase in complexity throughout the book.