Power up HTML5 with JavaScript

Power up HTML5 with JavaScript
Power up HTML5 with JavaScript

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eLearning | Skill level: Beginner | by Laurеnce Svekis

Learn some amazing JavaScript API and HTML5 technologies Use JavaScript with HTML5 to create interactive content

This course will demonstrate and help you learn some of the technologies that are available within HTML5 and JavaScript

JavaScript API allows you to access so much information from your web page. Using new HTML5 elements along side JavaScript can really make amazing experiences for web users.

Taught by a course instructor with over 15 years of real web development experience. Having created and works on hundreds of websites and web applications, we bring years of experience to you in this course.

  • Learn to create JavaScript Drag and Drop
  • How to use Event Listeners to create interactive content
  • Use web storage local and session storage explained.
  • How geolocation works
  • How to use web workers
  • Drawing paths on Canvas
  • Creating animations with canvas

Table of Contents

1. JavaScript API HTML5 technologies
HTML5 JavaScript course introduction
JavaScript HTML5 Course Intro

2. JavaScript Event Listeners
HTML5 JavaScript Drag Event Start
HTML5 JavaScript Data store
HTML5 JavaScript Drag and Drop content
HTML5 JavaScript drag images and text
Drag and Drop Source Code
HTML5 JavaScript clicks
HTML5 JavaScript event listeners clicking
HTML5 JavaScript different event listeners
HTML5 JavaScript Mouse Events
Event Listeners Source Code

3. Web storage
HTML5 JavaScript web storage check
HTML5 JavaScript Local Storage demo
HTML5 JavaScript session storage
Web Storage Source Code

4. JavaScript API HTML5 technologies
HTML5 JavaScript geolocation
Source Code Geolocation
HTML5 JavaScript web workers
Web workers source file

5. HTML5 Canvas and Canvas Animation
HTML5 JavaScript add canvas
HTML5 JavaScript canvas draw paths
HTML5 JavaScript shapes and colors
HTML5 JavaScript canvas working with text
HTML5 JavaScript create arcs and circles
HTML5 JavaScript save and restore
HTML5 JavaScript create animations
Canvas Drawing and Animation Source Code