Podman in Action, Video Edition

Podman in Action, Video Edition

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The next generation of containers is here. Learn Podman directly from its creator, discover its exceptional security features, and start managing rootless containers that integrate easily into your systems.

In Podman in Action you will learn how to:

  • Build and run containers in rootless mode
  • Develop and manage pods
  • Use SystemD to oversee a container’s lifecycle
  • Work with the Podman service via Python
  • Keep your containers confined using Podman security features
  • Manage containerized applications on edge devices

Podman in Action shows you how to deploy containerized applications on Linux, Windows, and MacOS systems using Podman. Written by Daniel Walsh, who leads the Red Hat Podman team, this book teaches you how to securely manage the entire application lifecycle without human intervention. You’ll quickly get to grips with Podman’s unique advantages over Docker, and learn how easy it is to migrate your Docker-based infrastructure. It also demonstrates how, with Podman, you can easily convert containerized applications into Kubernetes-based microservices.

It’s time to upgrade your container engine! The Podman container manager delivers flexible image layer control, seamless Kubernetes compatibility, and rootless containers that can be created, run, and managed by users without admin rights. Plus, its OCI-compliant support for the Docker API lets you shift existing containers to Podman without breaking your scripts or changing the way you work.

Podman in Action introduces the Podman container manager. The easy-to-follow explanations and examples give you a clear view of what containers are, how they work, and how to manage them using Podman’s powerful features. You’ll get a deep look at the Linux components Podman uses and even learn more about Docker along the way. You’ll especially appreciate author Dan Walsh’s unique insights into container security.

What’s Inside

  • Develop and manage pods
  • Key security concepts including SELinux and SECCOMP
  • Use systemd to oversee a container’s lifecycle
  • Keep your containers confined using Podman security
  • Manage containerized applications on edge devices
  • Install and run Podman on MacOS and Windows
Table of Contents

1 Part 1. Foundations
2 Podman A next-generation container engine
3 A brief overview of containers
4 Why use Podman when you have Docker
5 When not to use Podman
6 Sumarry
7 Command line
8 Working with container images
9 Building images
10 Summary
11 Volumes
12 Summary
13 Pods
14 Creating a pod
15 Adding a container to a pod
16 Starting a pod
17 Stopping a pod
18 Listing pods
19 Removing pods
20 Summary
21 Part 2. Design
22 Customization and configuration files
23 Configuration files for registries
24 Configuration files for engines
25 System configuration files
26 Summary
27 Rootless containers
28 Rootless Podman under the covers
29 Summary
30 Part 3. Advanced topics
31 Integration with systemd
32 Journald for logging and events
33 Starting containers at boot
34 Running containers in notify unit files
35 Rolling back failed containers after update
36 Socket-activated Podman containers
37 Summary
38 Working with Kubernetes
39 Generating Kubernetes YAML files with Podman
40 Generating Podman pods and containers from Kubernetes YAML
41 Running Podman within a container
42 Summary
43 Podman as a service
44 Podman-supported APIs
45 Python libraries for interacting with Podman
46 Using docker-compose with the Podman service
47 podman – -remote
48 Summary
49 Part 4. Container security
50 Security container isolation
51 Linux capabilities
52 UID isolation User namespace
53 Process isolation PID namespace
54 Network isolation Network namespace
55 IPC isolation IPC namespace
56 Filesystem isolation Mount namespace
57 Filesystem isolation SELinux
58 System call isolation seccomp
59 Virtual machine isolation
60 Additional security considerations
61 Podman secret handling
62 Podman image trust
63 Podman image scanning
64 Security in depth
65 Summary
66 Podman-related container tools
67 Buildah
68 CRI-O Container Runtime Interface for OCI containers
69 OCI runtimes
70 crun
71 Kata
72 gVisor
73 Getting Podman
74 Building from source code
75 Podman Desktop
76 Summary
77 Contributing to Podman
78 Podman on github.com
79 Podman on macOS
80 Summary
81 Podman on Windows
82 Using podman machine
83 Summary