PL/SQL Programming with Real-World Examples

PL/SQL Programming with Real-World Examples

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Oracle Internal Programming Techniques and Strategies

This course takes a comprehensive look at the Oracle PL/SQL programming language. We begin with a thorough review of the language syntax and datatype primitives. We next explore user-defined datatypes, flow control, scope and error management.

The majority of the course is devoted to taking that foundational knowledge and applying it to the resolution of very real-world examples. Real-world examples include:

  • development of a password strength function,
  • parsing XML files,
  • reading an external directory, and
  • generating random number, range-based random number and even weighted random numbers.
Table of Contents

1 Introduction

Setting Up Your Sandbox
2 Establishing Your Programming Environment

PLSQL Language Fundamentals
3 Primitive Datatypes and PLSQL Syntax Elements
4 User-Defined Data Types and Structures
5 Flow Control
6 Variable Scope and Exception Management

Building Real-World PLSQL Components
7 Triggers Part 1
8 Triggers Part 2
9 Procedures Part 1 Parsing an External XML File
10 Procedures Part 2 External Directory Listing
11 Functions Part 1 Password Strength Calc
12 Functions Part 2 Pick Next Play
13 Packages Part 1
14 Packages Part 2

Course Overview and Summary
15 Summary and Overview Part 1
16 Summary and Overview Part 2
17 Summary and Overview Part 3