PHP Techniques: Pagination

PHP Techniques: Pagination

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Learn how to paginate a list of items or database records using PHP. In this course, Kevin Skoglund reviews the fundamentals of pagination, a helpful design pattern for breaking down large data sets into smaller, more manageable sections. He provides use cases and shows how to write the actual PHP code to find records and display a certain number per page. He then shows how to paginate records from a SQL database, add links to pages, and use object-oriented programming to define pagination functions inside a single class and create links between pages. Each chapter contains practical, hands-on programming lessons that will help you build your PHP skills.

Table of Contents

1 Showing posts in pages using PHP
2 Using the exercise files on GitHub

1. Pagination Fundamentals
3 Pagination overview
4 Finding the pagination variables
5 Using total record count

2. Database Record Pagination
6 Setting up the project database
8 Paginating database records

3. Links to Paginated Pages
9 Adding links to previous and next pages
10 Creating pagination links
11 Showing an excerpt of the page list
12 Remembering the current page

4. Object-Oriented Pagination
13 Defining a pagination class
14 Outputting links for previous and next pages
15 Outputting pagination links

16 Next steps