Advanced PHP Ajax Animated Signup Form With Cool Validations

Advanced PHP Ajax Animated Signup Form With Cool Validations
Advanced PHP Ajax Animated Signup Form With Cool Validations

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Ajax Signup & Login Form With Real Time Validations & Complete User Profile with Ajax & PHP, Learn Regular Expressions

AJAX is used to create more interactive applications. AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, AJAX is a technique for creating fast and dynamic web pages. If you want to learn the ajax technique with examples then this course is suitable for you, In this course you will learn how to submit the signup && login form using ajax technique with cool jQuery validations.

In this course we will used

  • PHP
    PDO (PHP Data Object)
  • Ajax
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap 4
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript Complex Regular Expressions
  • Google Place API
  • JSON

So after taking this course you will learn a lot of new concepts in web development. this course is fully project base course not a theoretical course.

Project Features:

  • signup & login system fully jQuery validated
  • JavaScript Complex Regular Expressions Validated forms
  • Complete user profile
  • Session base flash messages
  • Fetching address using Google Place API
  • Submitting forms with bootstrap modal

What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn Ajax Technique
  • You will learn PDO (PHP Data Object) Concept
  • Bootstrap 4 framework components
  • Google Place API
  • Submit form with Bootstrap Modal
  • Professional jQuery Validations
  • Session flash messages
  • Password hashing with full security
  • Build complete user profile
  • Upload image with extensions validation
  • JavaScript complex regular expressions validate URL and all form fields using regular expression
+ Table of Contents

Tools Section
1 Section Introduction
2 Download Editor & Server
3 Download Bootstrap framework and jQuery library

Design Signup & Login Form
4 Section Introduction
5 Apply CSS3 Animations To Form
6 Form Input Design
7 Create Index Page
8 Create Navigation Bar
9 Custom Navigation Style Using CSS3
10 Create Signup Form
11 Style The Signup Form With CSS3
12 Style The Signup Form With CSS3 Part2
13 Create Login Form
14 Apply jQuery Effects On Singup & Login Form

Learn JavaScript Regular Expression
15 Section Introduction
16 What Is Regular Expression
17 Regular Expression Part2
18 Regular Expression Validate Email Address
19 Regular Expression Validate Password

Signup Form Validations & Submission
20 Section Intro
21 Create Database Connection
22 Already Exist Email Success & Error Message
23 Display Success Icon
24 Password Validations
25 Modify The Password Success & Error Message
26 Confirm Password Validations
27 Submit The Form
28 Submit The Form Part2
29 Submit The Form Part3
30 Create & Design Waiting Bar
31 Create Variables For Input Fields
32 Display The Signup Success Message
33 Login Form Validations
34 Login Ajax Request
35 Login Form Ajax Request Response
36 Create Login Waiting Bar
37 Solve The Problem
38 Name Field Validation
39 Name Field Validation Part2
40 Name Field Validation Part3
41 Email Validation
42 What Is Ajax
43 Send The Ajax Request
44 Return Data In JSON Format

User Profile
45 Section Intro
46 Create Modal For Add Biography
47 Setup Modals
48 AddUpdate Biography
49 AddUpdate Biography Part2
50 AddUpdate Facebook Account URL
51 AddUpdate Facebook Account URL Part2
52 AddUpdate LinkedIn Account URL
53 Change Password
54 Change Password Part2
55 Update Name
56 Create The Layout
57 Add Address Column In Table
58 Use Google Place API
59 Google Place API url
60 Send Ajax Request For Address
61 PHP Code For AddUpdate Address On Server
62 Display User Information’s
63 Account Percentage Progress
64 Account Percentage Progress Part2
65 Cool Flash Message After Logout
66 Fix Issues
67 Create Cool Labels
68 Display Links
69 Display Links Part2
70 User Authentication
71 User Authentication Part2
72 Update Picture
73 Update Picture Success Message

Add Background Video & Update Form Design
74 Section Intro
75 Update Form Design
76 Add Background Video
77 Fix Bugs
78 Link Profile JavaScript File In Other Pages
79 Final Words For Students