Pandas Workout: 200 exercises to make you a stronger data analyst

Pandas Workout: 200 exercises to make you a stronger data analyst

English | 2024 | ISBN: 978-1617299728 | 400 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 31 MB

Practice makes perfect pandas. Work out your pandas skills against dozens of real-world challenges, each carefully designed to build an intuitive knowledge of essential pandas tasks.

In Pandas Workout you’ll learn how to:

  • Clean your data for accurate analysis
  • Work with rows and columns for retrieving and assigning data
  • Handle indexes, including hierarchical indexes
  • Read and write data with a number of common formats, such as CSV and JSON
  • Process and manipulate textual data from within pandas
  • Work with dates and times in pandas
  • Perform aggregate calculations on selected subsets of data
  • Produce attractive and useful visualizations that make your data come alive

Discover 50 exercises that will strengthen your pandas skills to a level of automatic fluency. You’ll test yourself against common pandas challenges such as data cleaning, and explore real-world datasets such as New York Taxis, Kickstarter projects, and global tourist spending. Detailed explanations help guide your success and make your new skills stick. You’ll even get a big boost to productivity, with tasks that used to mean a trip to StackOverflow now a natural part of your skillset.

Mastering pandas means working out your new skills until they become like reflexes. This book gives you lots of pandas practice by working through the kind of scenarios you’ll face in the real world. Whether you’re a data scientist or a programmer handling large quantities of data, you’ll soon overcome pandas’s learning curve and start solving complex problems in less time.

Pandas Workout hones your pandas skills to a professional-level through 50 hands-on exercises, along with 150 bonus challenges to really test your skills. Expert Python trainer Reuven Lerner coaches you through essentials like data frames and reveals pandas’s rich functionality for string and date/time handling, complex indexing, and visualization. Clear explanations and detailed Jupyter Notebooks accompany every exercise, along with comparisons of different possible solutions. Work through this book, and you’ll be ready to flex your muscles against even the trickiest pandas problems!

For Python programmers and data analysts, with basic knowledge of pandas.