Package Management for Red Hat Linux

Package Management for Red Hat Linux

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Discover how to efficiently manage the thousands of installable pieces of software that come with Red Hat Linux. In this course, learn about Linux software package choices—as well as how to manage packages using RPM and DNF, the next-generation version of Yum.

Join computer science instructor and Linux enthusiast Grant McWilliams as he shows you how to use DNF and RPM tools to query the package database, monitor your file system using the package manager for any files that have changed, use graphical package tools, and greatly expand the software available to you by adding remote, third-party repositories to Red Hat Linux. Along the way, Grant covers kernel updates and troubleshooting your software installation tools to ensure that your system continues to run well.

Table of Contents

1 Linux package management with Red Hat Linux
2 What you should know

Linux Software Overview
3 Linux software installation types
4 About software packages
5 Red Hat software package format
6 Download packages and install
7 Install from a software repository
8 Install from source code
9 Software management systems overview

Managing Application Software
10 DNF overview
11 Get DNF packages by name
12 Get info on packages with DNF
13 Get info on package groups with DNF
14 Search for packages with DNF
15 Install and remove packages with DNF
16 Install and remove package groups with DNF
17 Managing DNF package modules
18 Manage DNF repositories
19 Install sandboxed applications
20 Install software from the GUI
21 Challenge DNF
22 Solution DNF

Using RPM
23 RPM overview
24 Get package information with RPM
25 RPM query formatting
26 Install, remove, and update packages with RPM
27 Verify package attributes
28 Validate package integrity
29 Challenge RPM
30 Solution RPM

Manage OS Configuration
31 Manage OS updates
32 Update the kernel