Operationalizing Threat Intelligence: A guide to developing and operationalizing cyber threat intelligence programs

Operationalizing Threat Intelligence: A guide to developing and operationalizing cyber threat intelligence programs

English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-1801814683 | 460 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 50 MB

Learn cyber threat intelligence fundamentals to implement and operationalize an organizational intelligence program

Key Features

  • Develop and implement a threat intelligence program from scratch
  • Discover techniques to perform cyber threat intelligence, collection, and analysis using open-source tools
  • Leverage a combination of theory and practice that will help you prepare a solid foundation for operationalizing threat intelligence programs

We’re living in an era where cyber threat intelligence is becoming more important. Cyber threat intelligence routinely informs tactical and strategic decision-making throughout organizational operations. However, finding the right resources on the fundamentals of operationalizing a threat intelligence function can be challenging, and that’s where this book helps.

In Operationalizing Threat Intelligence, you’ll explore cyber threat intelligence in five fundamental areas: defining threat intelligence, developing threat intelligence, collecting threat intelligence, enrichment and analysis, and finally production of threat intelligence. You’ll start by finding out what threat intelligence is and where it can be applied. Next, you’ll discover techniques for performing cyber threat intelligence collection and analysis using open source tools. The book also examines commonly used frameworks and policies as well as fundamental operational security concepts. Later, you’ll focus on enriching and analyzing threat intelligence through pivoting and threat hunting. Finally, you’ll examine detailed mechanisms for the production of intelligence.

By the end of this book, you’ll be equipped with the right tools and understand what it takes to operationalize your own threat intelligence function, from collection to production.

What you will learn

  • Discover types of threat actors and their common tactics and techniques
  • Understand the core tenets of cyber threat intelligence
  • Discover cyber threat intelligence policies, procedures, and frameworks
  • Explore the fundamentals relating to collecting cyber threat intelligence
  • Understand fundamentals about threat intelligence enrichment and analysis
  • Understand what threat hunting and pivoting are, along with examples
  • Focus on putting threat intelligence into production
  • Explore techniques for performing threat analysis, pivoting, and hunting