Operating Continuously: Best Practices for Accelerating Software Delivery

Operating Continuously: Best Practices for Accelerating Software Delivery

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-1098117290 | 121 Pages | EPUB | 10 MB

Continuous delivery doesn’t stop with deployment. Modern software teams rely on an emerging set of best practices postdeployment to continuously improve their software. With this practical guide, CTOs, software architects, and senior engineering leaders will learn what these practices are and how to apply them to their existing operations.

Author John Kodumal, cofounder and CTO at LaunchDarkly, provides actionable insights into setting up and maintaining a smooth operational process postdeployment. You’ll learn new approaches to releasing software, controlling systems at runtime, and measuring the impact of change. Armed with this knowledge, you can easily anticipate the next planning and building phase, feeding back into the software development lifecycle.

This book helps you:

  • Understand why mature incident management processes are an essential part of the CI/CD story
  • Use the tools and processes necessary to measure the impact of change to production systems
  • Learn how to use canary launches and feature flags to release faster with less risk
  • Set up effective incident management systems to reduce the impact of broken changes
  • Explore an emerging class of techniques that extend the practice beyond deployment
  • Use experimentation and impact analysis to continuously improve