Openstack Cloud Application Development

Openstack Cloud Application Development

English | 2015 | ISBN: 978-1-119-19431-6 | 168 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 13 MB

Leverage the power of OpenStack to develop scalable applications with no vendor lock-in
OpenStack Cloud Application Development is a fast-paced, professional book for OpenStack developers, delivering comprehensive guidance without wasting time on development fundamentals. Written by experts in the OpenStack community from Infoblox, Gigaspaces, GoDaddy, and Comcast, this book shows you how to work effectively and efficiently within the OpenStack platform to develop large, scalable applications without worrying about underlying hardware. Follow along with an OpenStack build that illustrates how and where each technology comes into play, as you learn expert tips and best practices that make your product stronger. Coverage includes OpenStack service primitives, networking within the OpenStack Ecosystem, deployment of Virtualized Network Functions for Enterprises, containers, data protection, and much more.
If you need to get on board quickly, this professional book is your ideal roadmap to OpenStack development.

  • Understand all aspects of OpenStack technologies
  • Follow an example build to drill down into critical elements
  • Learn the OpenStack best practices and insider tips
  • Leverage the full capability of IaaS at a professional pace

OpenStack is supported by dozens of major technology companies, compatible with Amazon Web Services, and can be used alongside or on top of VMWare vSphere and other similar technologies. It frees developers from the confines of hardware and vendor lock-in while providing a reliable, fast, and easy platform for developing scalable cloud applications. OpenStack Cloud Application Development is an expert-led guide to getting the most out of OpenStack, designed specifically for the professional developer.