OpenAI Python API Bootcamp: Learn to use AI, GPT3, and more!

OpenAI Python API Bootcamp: Learn to use AI, GPT3, and more!

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Discover the power of Artificial Intelligence with OpenAI’s powerful API to generate text and images in projects

Welcome to the best online course for learning how to leverage the power of OpenAI’s Python API for AI!

In this comprehensive course, you will learn how to harness the power of OpenAI to build intelligent applications and solutions using Python. The OpenAI API is one of the most advanced artificial intelligence platforms available, providing a range of capabilities for natural language processing, computer vision, and more. With this API, you can create AI applications that can understand and respond to human language, generate text, perform sentiment analysis, and much more.

This course is project-oriented, with every section has a unique project designed to be the basis of a start-up idea! You’ll gradually learn new skills as you proceed from project to project throughout the sections of the course

By the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of how to use the OpenAI API with Python and will be able to integrate AI into your own projects. You will learn how to authenticate with the API, how to make API calls, and how to process and analyze the results. You will also learn how to perform NLP tasks, such as text generation and question answering, and how to use the API for building AI-powered solutions.

Discover the Power of AI with Real World Projects:

  • Natural Language to SQL Queries
  • Automatic Blog Post Generation
  • Automated Recipe from Ingredients
  • Translation and Summarize from International Newspaper
  • Automatic Code Docstrings for Python
  • Fine-Tune Custom Chatbots
  • Perform Sentiment Analysis on Reddit Posts
  • Vector Text Embed Company Documents

Throughout the course, you will be working on real-world examples and hands-on exercises, allowing you to gain practical experience and put your new knowledge into action. You will also learn best practices for using the OpenAI API effectively, including error handling and performance optimization.

Whether you’re a software developer, data scientist, or simply interested in learning about artificial intelligence, this course is designed for you. By the end of this course, you will have a strong foundation in using the OpenAI API and will be able to apply this knowledge to build your own AI solutions.

So if you’re ready to take your skills to the next level and explore the world of AI, enroll in this course today and start building intelligent applications with the OpenAI API and Python!

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the basics of the OpenAI API
  • Set-up an OpenAI Account for API use
  • Learn to use OpenAI API with Python for various tasks
  • Create potential start-up ideas through 10+ projects
  • Integrate OpenAI API into existing Python applications for added AI capabilities
  • Learn how to use Text Embedding with OpenAI
  • Understand how to apply OpenAI’s GPT models
  • Discover how to use the DALLE-2 API to generate images
  • Learn to create content and images automatically for users
Table of Contents

Welcome to the course!
1 FAQs, Course Files, How to Get Help
2 Course Curriculum Overview
3 OpenAI Overview
4 Crash Course How does GPT work
5 Crash Course How does DALLE work
6 OpenAI Account Set-up
7 AI Safety and Alignment
8 OpenAI Pricing

Natural Language to SQL
9 NLP to SQL – Project Overview
10 Tabular Data Set-up
11 Natural Language Request
12 Text Completion API – Parameter Overview
13 OpenAI API Call and Request Handling

Automatic Exam Creator
14 Automatic Exam Generation – Project Overview
15 Prompt Design
16 Generating Exam from Prompt
17 Q&A Extraction
18 Exam Simulation
19 Python Script Walkthrough

Automatic Recipe and Dish Image Creator
20 Introduction to Recipe Project
21 Generating Recipe Text via Completion API
22 Generating Dish Image via Image API (DALLE)
23 Full Python Script Walkthrough

Automatic Blog Post Creator
24 Introduction to Automatic Blog Post Project
25 GitHub Page Setup
26 GitPython – Automatic Update Functions – Part One
27 GitPython – Automatic Update Functions – Part Two
28 OpenAI API Calls
29 Python Script Walkthrough

GPT Sentiment Analysis
30 Introduction to Reddit Sentiment Analysis
31 Reddit API Set-up
32 Reddit Comments and Titles
33 Perform Sentiment Analysis via OpenAI

Automatic Code Explainer – Docstrings
34 Introduction to Code Explainer
35 OpenAI API Call – Docstring
36 Merge Python function and Docstring
37 Python Script Walkthrough

Translation Project
38 Introduction to Translation News Summary Project
39 Scraping International Newspaper Sites
40 OpenAI Translation and Summary

Fine-Tuning and ChatBots
41 Introduction to Fine-Tuning and Chat Bots
42 Data Set-Up
43 Fine-Tuning Process and Price Estimation
44 Using the Fine-Tuned Model

Text Embedding for Question and Answering
45 Introduction to Text Embedding
46 Model Hallucination
47 Document Data
48 Token Count and Pricing
49 Document Similarity and Context Injection

APPENDIX – Command Line
50 Command Line Basics