OKR Goal Setting A-Z ™: How To Set, Track & Achieve Goals

OKR Goal Setting A-Z ™: How To Set, Track & Achieve Goals

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Learn to develop your own holistic OKR approach and enable Objectives and Key Results in your organisation.

Welcome to OKR Goal Setting A-Z. In this course, you’ll learn how to achieve goals with OKRs in a fun and engaging format.

What you’ll get from this course

1. Why OKRs work so well for most companies in today’s competitive and fast-changing business climate.

2. I’ll show you how to write effective Objectives, Key Results, and Initiatives – a skill you can use to help you realize both personal and professional goals.

3. It’s good to aim high. But how high? We’ll examine how to balance your moonshots and roof shot OKRs.

4. I’ll also provide a proven approach for introducing OKRs to your workplace. We’ll start with figuring out the approach right for your company, and then look at critical activities including creating a rollout plan, appointing an OKR champion, and defining out your OKR cycle.

5. I’ll cover how to run effective check-ins. And how to score OKRs at the end of the cycle.

6. Finally, I’ll show you how to manage OKRs using the free version of Trello.

Why Learn about OKRs?

While OKRs began in the tech sector, it’s becoming widely adopted across industries. That’s because most companies operate in a fast-changing environment and OKRs enable companies to be both flexible, and focused as they pursue their big goals.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand OKRs and their benefits
  • Introduce OKRs to your workplace
  • Create effective objectives, key results and initiatives
  • Run OKR setting workshops
  • Implement a rollout plan
  • Define your OKR cycle
  • Find an OKR champion
  • Run effective check-ins
  • Run effective OKR retrospectives
  • Score OKRs at the end of the cycle
  • Implement OKRs using the FREE version of Trello
Table of Contents

Introduction to OKRs
1 Congratulations! You Are Now an OKR Coach
2 What are OKRs
3 Download Course Resources
4 Join the Community
5 Warm up Let’s Create Our First OKR
6 Adjusting Course Speed
7 What’s an Initiative
8 Why OKRs Work So Well
9 Evolution of OKRs
10 Moonshot vs Roofshot OKRs
11 OKRs Are Not KPIs
12 How Do You Grade OKRs

Implementing OKRs
13 Get Leadership Support
14 Define Your Approach
15 Appoint A Champion
16 Create OKR Rollout Timeline
17 Workshops To Set Team OKRs
18 Define Your OKR Cycle
19 Train Your OKR Muscles

Exercise Managing OKR’s in Trello
20 Why Trello
21 Setting Up A Board
22 Adding Objectives & Key Results
23 Adding Members & Tracking Status
24 Using Checklists & Waterfall Graphs
25 Running OKR Retrospectives
26 Aligning OKRs

Avoiding Common OKR Mistakes
27 Too many Os and KRs
28 Including tasks as key results
29 Setting only top-down OKRs
30 Setting it and forgetting it
31 Sandbagging OKRs
32 Setting insufficient KRs
33 No OKR owner
34 Starting with individual OKRs
35 Not knowing when to close OKRs
36 Lets just copy Google
37 Not balancing roofshots and moonshots
38 Putting HR in charge of OKRs
39 Not using 11s with direct reports
40 Not using experimentation

Advanced Topics
41 OKRs & Agile Stop Waterfall Goals
42 Bonus Lecture