Object-Oriented Analysis and Design for Information Systems

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design for Information SystemsReviews
Author: Raul Sidnei Wazlawick
Pub Date: 2014
ISBN: 978-0124186736
Pages: 376
Language: English
Format: PDF
Size: 13 Mb


Object-Oriented Analysis and Design for Information Systems: Modeling with UML, OCL, and IFML clearly explains real object-oriented programming in practice. Expert author Raul Sidnei Wazlawick explains concepts such as object responsibility, visibility and the real need for delegation in detail. The object-oriented code generated by using these concepts in a systematic way is concise, organized and reusable.
The patterns and solutions presented in this book are based in research and industrial applications. You will come away with clarity regarding processes and use cases and a clear understand of how to expand a use case. Wazlawick clearly explains clearly how to build meaningful sequence diagrams. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design for Information Systems illustrates how and why building a class model is not just placing classes into a diagram. You will learn the necessary organizational patterns so that your software architecture will be maintainable.

  • Learn how to build better class models, which are more maintainable and understandable.
  • Write use cases in a more efficient and standardized way, using more effective and less complex diagrams.
  • Build true object-oriented code with division of responsibility and delegation.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Business Modeling
3. High-Level Requirements
4. Use Case Based Project Planning
5. Expanded Use Cases
6. Conceptual Modeling: Fundamentals
7. Conceptual Modeling: Patterns
8. Functional Modeling with OCL Contracts
9. Domain Tier Design
10. Code Generation
11. Testing
12. Interface Tier Design with IFML
13. Data Persistence