Next.js – The Full Course

Next.js – The Full Course

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Master the fundamentals of Next.js 13 and the App Router

Next.js – The Full Course provides a in-depth look into the Next.js App Router introduced in version 13.2. It puts React Server Components into practice by building a full-stack application from scratch with PostgreSQL and Prisma.

What will I learn?

  • Everything you need to be productive with modern Next.js
  • Complex topics explained in 100 seconds
  • Design patterns with React Server Components (RSC)
  • How to choose optimal rendering strategies
  • Dynamic routing and project organization
  • Advanced data fetching and caching
  • User authentication with Auth.js
  • Data modeling with Postgres and Primsa
  • How to migrate from previous versions of Next.js

What will I build?

You will build a simple Social Media Platform inspired by sites like MySpace and Facebook where users can befriend each other. The goal of this project is to introduce you to Next’s rendering, data-fetching, and caching strategies.

Table of Contents

1 Next.js Tutorial
2 App Router
3 Route Handlers
4 Layouts
5 Rendering and SEO
6 Data Fetching
7 Streaming and Suspense
8 Auth.js
9 Prisma
10 Project Setup and Organization
11 Navigation
12 Static pages
13 API Routes
14 SSR
15 Static Generation
16 Auth.js Setup
17 Check Auth State
18 SignIn Buttons
19 Protect Routes
20 Database Setup
21 Prisma Setup
22 Auth Data Store
23 API Route Fetching
24 Server Component Fetching
25 Dynamic Route Data
26 Loading UI
27 Error UI
28 Form Sumbmission
29 Follower System
30 Follower System
31 Client Mutation
32 Server Actions