Network Automation using Python 3: An Administrator’s Handbook

Network Automation using Python 3: An Administrator’s HandbookReviews
Author: Jithin Alex
Pub Date: 2018
ISBN: 978-1724108845
Pages: 102
Language: English
Format: EPUB/AZW3
Size: 10 Mb


“Be a Python 3 Ready Network Professional”
This is a Course, in a book format for Network administrators and engineers to learn python 3 and how to automate your network administration using the python coding. You don’t need to have a programming knowledge to use this book.This books covers all the basic necessary concepts with clear examples of python 3 programming required for network administration. Also providing a detailed explanation on Netmiko and its applications for SSH management with 11 real world examples.

  • Python code to Change the Hostname using telnet.
  • Python code to get the running configuration.
  • Create and assign IP to a VLAN interface.
  • Create multiple VLANs using python for loop.
  • Create multiple VLANs on multiple switches.
  • Configure SSH on all switches using python code.
  • Backup the configuration of all switches.
  • Create VLANs and Assign IP using SSH.
  • Upload the configurations on all switches using SSH
  • Create Multiple VLANs on all switches using SSH.
  • Apply different configuration to different switches with a single python code.

With Software Defined Networking (SDN) in picture, knowing python programming is vital for the future of administering the network and systems.