NetOps (DevOps for Network Engineers): Automating Networks

NetOps (DevOps for Network Engineers): Automating Networks

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DevOps—a set of principles and practices combining software development and IT operations—is becoming the standard in corporate IT around the world. It enables a shorter delivery cycle, faster deployment, easier maintenance, and improving team culture. In this course, Eric Chou shows how to apply DevOps practices in a network engineering context, using easy to understand, hands-on examples. He covers DevOps best practices such as continuous integration, delivery, testing, and monitoring using the open source GitLab platform. These principles and practices will allow your network to be more stable while increasing the speed of business agility. If you’re a network engineer or developer who wants to learn about DevOps using Python, join Eric in this course.

Table of Contents

1 DevOps for network engineers
2 What you should know

DevOps for Network Engineers Overview
3 DevOps principles
4 DevOps practices
5 Unique network engineering challenges in DevOps
6 Prerequisites for this course
7 Setting up a network DevOps lab
8 Network automation examples with Python libraries
9 Network configuration backup example with Ansible

GitLab and CICD
10 Introduction to Git
11 Basic Git operations
12 GitLab fundamentals
13 Network application example
14 GitLab DevOps CICD pipelines
15 GitLab pipeline example Build
16 GitLab pipeline example Review and test
17 GitLab pipeline example Deploy
18 GitLab pipeline example Monitor

Network DevOps Examples
19 Network configuration backup with Ansible
20 GitLab integration for configuration backup
21 Network API application example
22 Network API integration with GitLab

Testing in DevOps
23 Testing fundamentals
24 Testing with pytest
25 Network testing with pyATS
26 Network testing in GitLab

27 Next steps
28 Conclusion