Nail Your Python Interview

Nail Your Python Interview
Nail Your Python Interview

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Interviewing for Python programming jobs? In this course, learn what you need to know to ace your next technical interview. Instructor Erin Allard digs into the personal characteristics, nontechnical skills, and programming knowledge you need to demonstrate to land your dream gig as a Python developer. She highlights the personality traits and soft skills—such as collaboration and the ability to understand assumptions—that technical interviewers are looking for. Then, she highlights common steps in the technical interview process and covers the programming concepts you need to be able to implement for interviewers.

Topics include:

  • The value of personal characteristics such as emotional intelligence
  • Demonstrating soft skills such as collaboration and problem-solving
  • Common steps in the technical interview process
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Common sorting and searching algorithms
  • Using a problem-solving framework for coding challenges
+ Table of Contents

1 The secret to nailing a Python interview

Personal Characteristics and Nontechnical Skills
2 Personal characteristics
3 Nontechnical skills

The Technical Interview Process
4 Steps in the technical interviewing process
5 Collections
6 Time complexity
7 Recursion
8 Object-oriented programming
9 Linear data structures
10 Nonlinear data structures
11 Common sorting algorithms
12 Common searching algorithms
13 Problem-solving framework for coding challenges

Other Considerations
14 Other considerations for interviews

15 Next steps