MongoDB Code Challenges

MongoDB Code Challenges

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Hone your skills in the core concepts of working with a MongoDB database in this course with instructor John Cokos. John delves into the CRUD operations—create, read, update, delete—with MongoDB databases. He presents challenges to teach you how to create a database, document schemas, and validation rules, as well as adding documents in those collections manually and through importing and exporting. John then delves into the many ways to query MongoDB databases using JavaScript in MongoShell, Compass, and advanced filtering and aggregations. The challenge series finishes up with some exercises related to updating and deleting documents and collections.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction, goals, and prerequisites
2 Tooling mongosh and Compass install, configure, and basic use

CRUD Create (Insert) Documents
3 Create Complex schema (array, object, reference, and constraints)
4 Create Insert a record into the document
5 Create Insert multiple records with one statement
6 Create Insert multiple records using a loop (seeding)
7 Create Insert multiple records from a file

CRUD Read (QueryFind) Documents
8 Find Query with a simple filter
9 Find Specify which fields to return in a .find()
10 Find Sorting and limiting
11 Find Query operators – { $gte, $in [], etc }
12 Find Values in sub-documents and objects
13 Find Values in arrays
14 Find $and and $or queries
15 Find Custom query logic with functions

CRUD Update Documents
16 Update Use a filter to update one or more records
17 Update Add an element to an array in a document

CRUD Delete Documents
18 Delete Remove an element in an array within a document
19 Delete Multiple records

20 Next steps