Modular Monolith Architecture

Modular Monolith Architecture

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The Ultimate Modular Monolith Blueprint

This in-depth course will transform the way you build modern systems. You will learn the best practices for applying the Modular Monolith architecture in a real-world scenario. Join 500+ other students to accelerate your growth as a software architect.

Everything you need to build and scale a modular monolith system.

More Than Just Theory

Modular Monolith Architecture includes more than just theoretical discussion.

We’re going to build a production-ready system from scratch. This includes dozens of API endpoints, 50+ use cases, and 6000+ lines of code.

I built the course with bonus resources to make sure you apply what you learn.

After Completing This Course You Will

  • Confidently use Modular Monoliths to build robust and scalable systems
  • Learn how to create an architecture that stands the test of time
  • Understand how to implement an event-driven system
  • Easily migrate to microservices (if you need to)
Table of Contents

1 Agenda, Your Instructor, Course Structure
2 How To Use This Course Postman, OpenAPI Migration Scripts
3 Introduction, Monoliths and Microservices Helpful Articles & Resources
4 Modular Monoliths Helpful Articles & Resources
5 Module Constraints Helpful Articles & Resources
6 Domain-Driven Design, Event Storming, Bounded Contexts Helpful Articles & Resources
7 Introducing Evently Sample Application
8 Building the First Module
9 Refactoring to Clean Architecture Useful Articles & Resources
10 Events Module Review
11 Cross-Cutting Concerns
12 Dependency Injection
13 Module Configuration
14 Structured Logging With Serilog and Seq
15 Exception Handling
16 Validation With FluentValidation
17 Distributed Caching With Redis
18 Health Checks
19 Automatically Registering Endpoints
20 Module Communication Patterns
21 Publishing Domain Events
22 Introducing the Users Module
23 Scaffolding the Ticketing Module
24 Synchronous Communication
25 Duplicating Data Between Modules
26 Asynchronous Communication
27 Eventual Consistency Introduction
28 Authentication & Authorization Helpful Articles & Resources
29 Keycloak Identity Provider Setup Helpful Articles & Resources
30 Token Based Authentication
31 User Registration With KeyCloak
32 RBAC Authorization
33 Short Asks 2 Short AsksAffiliate Program
34 Architecture Enforcement
35 Modular Architecture
36 Architecture Testing
37 Reliable Messaging
38 Outbox Pattern Helpful Articles & Resources
39 Outbox Idempotent Consumers Helpful Articles & Resources
40 Inbox Pattern
41 Event-Driven Architecture
42 Event Notifications
43 Event-Carried State Transfer
44 Materialized Views and CQRS
45 Saga Pattern, Orchestration
46 Testing Modular Monoliths
47 Unit Testing
48 Integration Testing
49 System Integration Testing
50 Automated Testing in CI-CD Pipelines
51 Microservices Benefits, Extracting Modules
52 Distributed Tracing, OpenTelemetry
53 Distributed Messaging With RabbitMQ
54 API Gateways, Introducing YARP
55 Extracting Modules to Microservices
56 A Note From Me Affiliate Program
57 Introduction, Document Databases
58 Implementing CQRS With MongoDB Helpful Articles & Resources
59 A Small Ask From Me A Small Ask From MeAffiliate Program