Modern Javascript: Mastering ES6, And ES7

Modern Javascript: Mastering ES6, And ES7
Modern Javascript: Mastering ES6, And ES7

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Step By Step Guide to mastering all the modern Javascript features

The goal of this course is simple: hugely increase your JavaScript skills while developing and modernizing you to write modern JavaScript.

Want to take your JavaScript knowledge to meet today’s standards? So this is the course for you.

The course includes 20 modules that go through ES6 in its entirety. You are going to learn these topics:

  • New Variables, Scoping and Template Strings
  • Arrow Functions, Destructuring
  • New Iterables and Looping over data
  • Mastering … Spread and Rest Operator
  • Understanding weird Concept of this in Javascript
  • How to create Modules in ES6 way
  • Mastering Generators, Proxies, Sets and Maps
  • Advanced Classes, Prototypal Inheritance
  • How to write clean code using ESLint
  • Learn how to check the Code Quality using ESLint
  • Mastering Loops etc and much more!
+ Table of Contents

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1 Source Code

Variables and Scoping In Javascript
2 Var Scoping
3 Understanding let
4 More Use Cases of let and const
5 Use Cases of Const

Understanding Arrow Functions and this
6 Introduction to Arrow Functions
7 More Examples on Arrow Functions
8 Understanding this as Global Object
9 this inside the Object
10 Understanding this in new keywork
11 Call Bind Apply
12 Fix this when method passed as a Callback
13 Fix this inside the closure
14 Fix this when method assigned to Variable
15 Default Arguments in Functions
16 When not to use Arrow Function

Template Strings
17 Introduction to Template Strings
18 Using Html with Templates
19 Tagged Template Literals
20 Sanitize Data Using Template Strings

New String Methods
21 String Starts with
22 String Ends with
23 Includes
24 Repeat

25 Destructring Objects
26 Destructring Arrays
27 Swapping using Desctructring
28 Destructring Function Arguments

For Looping
29 For Loops
30 For of Loop Use cases
31 For In Loop with Objects

Array Methods In ES6
32 Array.from() and Array.of()
33 Array.some()
34 Array.find() and Array.findIndex()
35 Array.every()

Spread And Rest
36 Introduction to Spread
37 Spread Examples
38 Spread into function
39 Rest Param in Functions
40 Rest Param in Destructring

Object Literal
41 Object Literal Properties
42 Creating Methods in Object
43 Computed Properties In ES6

44 Promises
45 Make your Own Promise
46 Promises Example
47 Promise Chaining
48 Promise.all()
49 Promise.all() Examples

50 Symbols in ES6

Code Quality with ESLint
51 Download Nodejs
52 Getting Started with ESLint
53 Airbnb Style Guide
54 Disable Globals Warning
55 Disable Rule for Specific Block
56 Disable Rule for Specific Line
57 Plugins in ESlint
58 Eslint Integration with VS Code

ES6 Modules
59 Default Export in ES6
60 Named Export Constant
61 Name Export Function
62 Named Export Object
63 More Examples on Modules

ES6 Classes
64 Prototypal Inheritance
65 Classes
66 Getter and Setter
67 Extending Classes
68 Extending Arrays

69 Generators
70 Execute Async Tasks in Series
71 Looping in Generators

72 Proxies
73 Proxies Examples
74 Make Singleton Class Using Proxies

Sets and Maps
75 Sets
76 More Examples on Sets
77 Maps

78 AsyncAwait Demo
79 Error Handling in AsyncAwait
80 Multiple Promises

ES7 Features
81 ES7 Class Syntax
82 Dangling Comma
83 New methods in Object

84 ES6-ES7 Cheat Sheet
85 Bonous Courses

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