Mobile Testing with Appium

Mobile Testing with Appium
Mobile Testing with Appium

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eLearning | Skill level: Intermediate

Appium is the most popular and comprehensive tool for automating mobile application testing. Write scripts in any language—Java, Python, Ruby, or JavaScript—and test on any device: iOS or Android. Anyone involved in mobile QA who wants to save time and energy on testing should have at least a basic understanding of Appium. In this course, Jonathan Lipps, Appium project lead, takes you through the code-based automation workflow in Appium. Discover how to prepare your system for Appium, get it running, and set up a test code environment. Learn how to launch automation sessions with native mobile apps on iOS and Android and perform basic interactions with on-screen elements. From there Jonathan tackles more advanced topics, like synthesizing touch gestures. Each lesson helps you unlock new levels of quality and efficiency in your app development cycle.

Topics include:

  • Appium server, clients, and drivers
  • Appium setup
  • Starting and stopping sessions
  • Finding and using elements
  • Intermediate Appium scripting
  • Touch actions
  • Mobile web testing
+ Table of Contents

1 What can you do with Appium
2 What you should already know

3 The relationship between Appium and Selenium
4 The Appium server and clients
5 The Appium drivers

Appium Setup
6 System setup for iOS
7 System setup for Android
8 Installing Appium

Appium Sessions
9 Session capabilities
10 Starting and stopping a session

Finding and Using Elements
11 Locator strategies and finding elements Theory
12 Locator strategies and finding elements Practice
13 Waiting for elements Theory
14 Waiting for elements Practice
15 Basic element interaction
16 Element discovery Appium inspector
17 Challenge Find a new element
18 Solution Find a new element

Intermediate Appium Scripting
19 XPath Its uses and caveats
20 Touch actions Theory
21 Touch actions Practice
22 Mobile web testing Theory
23 Mobile web testing Practice
24 Challenge Automate a web form
25 Solution Automate a web form

26 Next steps and more resources