Mining Complex Networks

Mining Complex Networks

English | 2021 | ISBN: 978-1032112039 | 280 Pages | PDF | 10 MB

This book concentrates on mining networks, a subfield within data science. Data science uses scientific and computational tools to extract valuable knowledge from large data sets. Once data is processed and cleaned, it is analyzed and presented to support decision-making processes. Data science and machine learning tools have become widely used in companies of all sizes.

Networks are often large-scale, decentralized, and evolve dynamically over time. Mining complex networks aim to understand the principles governing the organization and the behavior of such networks is crucial for a broad range of fields of study. Here are a few selected typical applications of mining networks:

  • Community detection (which users on some social media platforms are close friends).
  • Link prediction (who is likely to connect to whom on such platforms).
  • Node attribute prediction (what advertisement should be shown to a given user of a particular platform to match their interests).
  • Influential node detection (which social media users would be the best ambassadors of a specific product).

This textbook is suitable for an upper-year undergraduate course or a graduate course in programs such as data science, mathematics, computer science, business, engineering, physics, statistics, and social science. This book can be successfully used by all enthusiasts of data science at various levels of sophistication to expand their knowledge or consider changing their career path.