Mindfulness-based Strategic Awareness Training Comprehensive Workbook

Mindfulness-based Strategic Awareness Training Comprehensive Workbook

English | 2023 | ISBN: 978-1119766971 | 464 Pages | PDF, EPUB | 354 MB

Mindfulness-based Strategic Awareness Training Comprehensive Workbook: New Approach Based on Free Energy and Active Inference for Skillful Decision-making

A comprehensive training program to navigate skillfully in this disruptive, uncertain time

This comprehensive workbook provides a mind training based on new findings in neuroscience that will enhance your decision-making skills. Skillful, strategically aware decisions in professional and private life are key for sustainable well-being and flourishing in life.

Part 1 provides a conceptual introduction into understanding the brain as a predicting organ, actively inferring, and constantly trying to optimize energy.

Part 2 leads you through a systematic training program of 8 sessions to enhance strategic awareness and improve decision-making skills by increasing the precision of our perception and mental processing. The practices are designed to fit in a busy schedule with a focus on the challenges we all grapple with in daily life.

While thorough and well-grounded in scientific research this workbook is also pleasant and inspiring to read. It is filled with practical examples and the author’s own life experience. Numerous hand-drawn illustrations inspire also visually.

The MBSAT methodology has been tested by practitioners for over 10 years and is widely acclaimed. The government of Singapore, known for its outstanding commitment to education and investment in the human resources of its population, has included MBSAT in its official skill-building program and heavily subsidizes participation in MBSAT training. It is one of the testimonials to the efficacy of MBSAT.