Microsoft SQL Server 2017 on Linux

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 on LinuxReviews
Author: Benjamin Nevarez
Pub Date: 2018
ISBN: 978-1260121131
Pages: 304
Language: English
Format: EPUB
Size: 16 Mb


Essential Microsoft® SQL Server® 2017 installation, configuration, and management techniques for Linux
Foreword by Kalen Delaney, Microsoft SQL Server MVP
This comprehensive guide shows, step-by-step, how to set up, configure, and administer SQL Server 2017 on Linux for high performance and high availability. Written by a SQL Server expert and respected author, Microsoft SQL Server 2017 on Linux teaches valuable Linux skills to Windows-based SQL Server professionals. You will get clear coverage of both Linux and SQL Server and complete explanations of the latest features, tools, and techniques. The book offers clear instruction on adaptive query processing, automatic tuning, disaster recovery, security, and much more.

  • Understand how SQL Server 2017 on Linux works
  • Install and configure SQL Server on Linux
  • Run SQL Server on Docker containers
  • Learn Linux Administration
  • Troubleshoot and tune query performance in SQL Server
  • Learn what is new in SQL Server 2017
  • Work with adaptive query processing and automatic tuning techniques
  • Implement high availability and disaster recovery for SQL Server on Linux
  • Learn the security features available in SQL Server