Microsoft Copilot Studio – The Copilot Studio Masterclass

Microsoft Copilot Studio – The Copilot Studio Masterclass

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Master Copilot Studio | Build personalized copilot | Connect copilot to your data | Extend copilot with Generative AI

This course teaches you how to build your own personalized copilot using Microsoft Copilot Studio. You will learn how to be more productive with your own custom copilot, that you can deploy internally to your employees or externally to your vendors. We go through every single copilot concept, including topic design, conditions, data, generative AI, entities, variables, and more. We also build two full copilot examples (an internal HR bot and a customer service bot).

What is Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft Copilot is a generative AI tool developed by Microsoft to enhance the productivity of working professionals. It functions like ChatGPT, but with access to all your data—including emails, files, meeting notes, chats, and more—and integrates seamlessly into your preferred work applications.

What is Microsoft Copilot Studio?

Microsoft Copilot Studio is a no-code extensible platform that enables anyone to create custom copilots. It’s an end-to-end AI platform to create customized copilots for your business, which can recall your data and even perform actions. Once it’s built, it can be published anywhere (Teams, Website, Facebook, and more). It was previously called Power Virtual Agents.

What will you learn?

Build your own copilots – use Copilot Studio to build copilots from scratch with a fully custom no-code platform that leverages conversational design logic, LLMs, Generative AI, and other technologies.

Integrate data, knowledge, and actions – Use Copilot Studio to create a copilot that can read data from uploaded documents, SharePoint, OneDrive, website data, and more.

Learn advanced copilot developer topics – this course includes full lessons on entities, variables, and other complex topics

Build two full copilots – we apply everything that we learn and build two full copilots from scratch (an internal HR service bot and an external customer service bot).

Productivity superstar – Microsoft Copilot Studio is a productivity game changer, as it enables you to create a personalized copilot that can leverage Generative AI to recall knowledge or call actions.

Course overview

  • Introduction – learn what this course is about, the roadmap, and how to succeed
  • Builder – First Chatbot – learn how to use Microsoft Copilot Studio to build your first copilot
  • Builder – Conversational Design – Learn simple conversational concepts, like questions, conditions, and variables
  • Builder – Data and Generative AI – Leverage data and Generative AI when building your copilots
  • Builder – Actions – Call actions with your copilot based on different conditions
  • Developer – Topics – Create new topics and learn advanced concepts like rich text formatting
  • Developer – Entities and Variables – Integrate entities and variables into your copilot
  • Developer – Automations – Add in advanced automations to your copilot
  • Developer – Publishing and Analytics – Publish copilots and perform analytics
  • Full Copilots – Internal HR Chatbot – Create a copilot that answers HR-related questions and performs vacation bookings
  • Full Copilots – Customer Service Chatbot – Create a copilot where customers can ask questions and place orders
  • Conclusion – earn your online certification, and read about next steps

If you want to learn how to improve your productivity by creating a copilot using Microsoft Copilot Studio, then this is the course for you. We’re looking forward to having you in the course and hope you earn the certificate. Note that Copilot Studio was previously called Power Virtual Agents.

Table of Contents

1 The idea behind Copilot Studio
2 What is Copilot Studio
3 Why build Copilots and chatbots with Copilot Studio
4 What is this course
5 Course roadmap
6 About the instructor
7 Keys to success
8 Ways to reach out
9 Leave a rating
10 Prerequisites and Environment Setup

Builder – First Chatbot
11 Introduction to Builder Stream in Copilot Studio
12 Creating a basic Copilot and exploring topics
13 How to create a topic in Copilot Studio
14 Asking the user a question
15 Publishing a Copilot to Micosoft Teams
16 Publishing to a website
17 Analytics and sessions with Copilot Studio

Builder – Conversational Design
18 Understanding conditions and conditional logic
19 Working with entities in Copilot Studio
20 Utilizing variables in conversations
21 Creating looped conversations with redirects part 1
22 Creating looped conversations with redirects part 2

Builder – Data and Generative AI
23 Introduction to Copilot generation from information sources
24 Building Copilots from website data
25 Configuring websites with custom instructions and moderation
26 Adding generative answers to websites manually with Copilot Studio
27 Gathering information from multiple sites using Bing Custom Search
28 Document upload with Copilot part 1
29 Document upload with Copilot part 2
30 SharePoint TeamSite integration with Copilot part 1
31 SharePoint TeamSite integration with Copilot part 2
32 OneDrive integration with Copilot

Builder – Actions
33 Creating an action in Copilot Studio
34 Calling an action using Q&A inputs
35 Calling an action with plugin where inputs are dynamic
36 Dynamic chaining part with Copilot 1
37 Dynamic chaining part with Copilot 2
38 Dynamic chaining part with Copilot 3
39 Optional fixing the dynamic chaining bug
40 Dynamic chaining with other inputs

Developer – Topics
41 Introduction to Developer Stream in Copilot Studio
42 General authoring topics in Copilot Studio
43 Creating content authoring topics
44 Creating content with rich text with Copilot Studio
45 Creating content with rich images
46 Rich content demonstration
47 Creating content with dynamic cards
48 Adaptive cards demonstration
49 Message variation techniques in Copilot
50 Power FX introduction
51 System topics overview
52 Creating a fallback topic
53 Conversation design principles
54 Using trigger phrases effectively

Developer – Entities and Variables
55 Creating entities in Copilot Studio
56 Managing entities in Copilot Studio
57 Utilizing regular expressions
58 Implementing slot filling
59 Introduction to variables
60 Understanding variable scoping

Developer – Automations
61 Why automation matters with Copilot Studio
62 Introduction to Power Automate
63 Power Automate core concepts
64 Power Automate introduction demo
65 Debugging and troubleshooting
66 Debugging and troubleshooting demo
67 Power Virtual Agents connector
68 Power Virtual Agents connector demo
69 Understanding limitations
70 Limitations demo
71 Exception handling for limitations
72 Microsoft Dataverse introduction
73 Storing data demo
74 Updating chatbot to store data
75 Updating chatbot to store data demo
76 Creating power outage tickets
77 Demo address lookup for power outage tickets part 1
78 Demo address lookup for power outage tickets part 2
79 Demo address validation for power outage tickets
80 Demo creating power outage tickets part 1
81 Demo creating power outage tickets part 2
82 Looking up power outage tickets with Copilot
83 Lookup power outage ticket demo part 1
84 Lookup power outage ticket demo part 2

Developer – Publishing and Analytics
85 Private Copilot website overview
86 Designing a custom canvas
87 Branding strategies
88 Branding with colors
89 Choosing fonts for branding
90 Measuring your chatbot’s performance
91 Chatbot performance measurement demo
92 Customer satisfaction surveys
93 Understanding sessions and billing

Full Chatbots – Internal HR Chatbot
94 Introduction
95 Add topics in Copilot
96 Authentication with Generative AI
97 Create a Booking action
98 Linking actions with Copilot
99 Publish copilot to Teams

Full Chatbots – Customer Service Example
100 Introduction
101 Add website
102 Add conversational design
103 Add adaptive cards
104 Add actions
105 Fix errors
106 Publish and test
107 Walkthrough
108 Fix concat errors

109 Conclusion and next steps
110 Leave a rating
111 Certificate