Microservices: Asynchronous Messaging

Microservices: Asynchronous Messaging
Microservices: Asynchronous Messaging

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Discover how to get work done more efficiently with asynchronous messaging, an alternative way of handling communication in a microservices architecture. In this course, Frank Moley shows software developers charged with building large applications how to go beyond RESTful API calls over HTTP and leverage asynchronous messaging when architecting and building microservices. Frank digs into the gains and tradeoffs you must accept when using asynchronous patterns. He also discusses interservice communication patterns, event-driven microservices patterns, using asynchronous messaging to solve for data migration when moving to microservices architectures, and more.

Topics include:

  • Gains and tradeoffs of asynchronous communications
  • Use cases for interservice communication patterns
  • Event-driven microservices
  • Use cases for choreographed and orchestrated events
  • Streaming data platforms
  • Data flows, migration, and synchronization
+ Table of Contents

1 Getting work done in microservices
2 What you need to know

Asynchronous Communications
3 Asynchronous communications
4 The gains
5 The tradeoffs
6 Common technologies

Interservice Communications Patterns
7 Service communications
8 Point-to-point asynchronous communications
9 Publish-subscribe

Event-Driven Microservices Patterns
10 Event-driven microservices
11 Choreographed events
12 Orchestrated events
13 Hybrid events

Stream Data Platform
14 Welcome to stream data platforms
15 Log aggregation
16 System analytics
17 Event detection

18 Data flows
19 Eventual consistency
21 Data migration
22 Data synchronization

23 Next steps