Metal Programming Guide: Tutorial and Reference via Swift

Metal Programming Guide: Tutorial and Reference via SwiftReviews
Author: Janie Clayton
Pub Date: 2017
ISBN: 978-0134668949
Pages: 352
Language: English
Format: PDF (conv)
Size: 10 Mb


Metal enables Apple iOS and macOS platform developers to maximize performance in demanding tasks like 3D graphics, games, scientific programming, visualization, and now GPU-accelerated machine learning. Apple’s Swift + Metal combination runs faster than nearly any other language used in these areas. Now, there’s an authoritative and 100% practical guide to making the most of Metal. Pioneering Apple developer Janie Clayton covers everything from simple draw calls to advanced parallel computing, teaching through hands-on projects and industry-realistic code samples. She covers a wide array of applications, from 2D and 3D graphics to neural networking. Clayton offers a uniquely valuable perspective on high-performance data-parallel programming with Metal — a topic that has been woefully underserved by earlier resources. She also offers expert guidance on Metal performance and debugging, helping you capture every iota of performance the Metal API and shader language can offer.